Syrian Army, Hezbollah open new front in southeast Aleppo: map

BEIRUT, LEBANON (4:45 P.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army’s Republican Guard forces launched a powerful offensive southeast of the Kuweires Military Airport on Monday, targeting the small collection of village near the strategic east Aleppo town of Deir Hafer.

Backed by Hezbollah and Liwaa Imam Al-Baqir, the Syrian Arab Army surprised the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists with a powerful attack on the village of Al-Qutabiyah this afternoon.

Unprepared and lacking combatants needed to repel the attack, the Islamic State forces withdrew from Al-Qutabiyah after a short battle with the Syrian Armed Forces and Hezbollah, marking the latter’s first advance in this area.

While their allies from the Tiger Forces advance north to Al-Bab, the Republican Guard and Hezbollah will push east towards the Islamic State’s final stronghold before the Al-Raqqa Governorate.

Syrian Army liberates 25 east Aleppo villages in 2 weeks


The Islamic State (ISIS) was surprised in mid-January when the Syrian Arab Army launched a massive offensive in the southern countryside of Al-Bab, despite the rumors of a possible government of attack on their other stronghold in east Aleppo.

In approximately 2 weeks, the Syrian Arab Army liberated a large chunk of territory from the Islamic State forces, leaving the aforementioned terrorist group wedged between the government and Turkish Armed Forces in Al-Bab.

With the Turkish Armed Forces stuck in a stalemate with the Islamic State in northeast Al-Bab, the Syrian Arab Army has taken the initiative to liberate this large city and put an end to the terrorist group’s presence in the area.

According to a military source in Aleppo, the Syrian Arab Army has liberated at least 25 villages since the start of their Al-Bab offensive, making this assault their most successful of the year.
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