‘It’s a vicious battle’–The Media’s War on Trump from a Russian Perspective

Posted on February 14, 2017

The commentary given in the above video is by Russian journalist Dimitry Kiselyov, of Russia 1 TV. You might pay special attention to the magazine covers he features starting at about 1:15. Of course in a video under four minutes long Kiseloyov is able to give only a small part of the picture. Moreover, the video was uploaded yesterday–prior to the resignation of Michael Flynn and the media storm which erupted as a result.

The media are trying to make it impossible for Trump to govern the country, and the artificial uproar over Flynn, whose only crime seems to be that he had a phone conversation with the Russian ambassador, would but seem to underscore this. The ranting and raving over the departing national security advisor underscores something else as well: how badly the elites in this country want a war with Russia. They are pining for it in every fiber of their being.

One of the more devious and disingenuous public comments I came across today was a tweet by Nancy Pelosi: “Michael Flynn has proven he cannot be trusted to serve America’s best interests and national security instead of Russia’s.”

Even worse? General Flynn lied to the American people about whether his conversations with the Russian Ambassador ever happened.

Michael Flynn has proven he cannot be trusted to serve America’s best interests and national security instead of Russia’s.

I’m guessing Pelosi is well aware that placing Israel’s interests above America’s has been routine policy in the Congress for a good number of years.

Trump has made some terrible choices in his picks for positions within his administration, but Flynn was actually one of the better ones (not perfect certainly, but at least more palatable than some). Trump’s acceptance of his resignation could be viewed as a retreat, which would suggest the media attacks are starting to get to him.

Flynn served 32 years in the US Army, including stints in Afghanistan as well as Iraq. How all these attacks against him will play out with the public remains to be seen. To be sure, Trump, as president, still has a lot of public support, and the backlash generated against the media could turn out to be even greater than that generated against the president himself.

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