USSR’s history, USA’s future. Coup Against The Jewish Oligarchs

1953 Moscow Coup Against The Jewish Oligarchs – Letter From the Soviet Union

Excerpts with links:
The head of this cabal was ​”​invisible” Lazar Kaganovich (…).
After Stalin’s assassination Kremlin Jews started a ​new purge. The ruler was​ ​a ​demonic Lavrentiy Beria (…) of Gerogian-Jewish ancestry who controlled the political police in the Soviet Union. His aim was to consolidate Jewish power. Marshal Zhukov (…) had a reputation of being an “​anti-Semite”, ​he ​was promoted and protected by Joseph Stalin and had reasons to expect imprisonment after Stalin’s assassination.
Marshal Zhukov and Marshal Vasilewsky (…) were Politburo members and their responsibility was to knock out ​​the ​heads of the Jewish cabal.
This is the version of the story reported by Marshal Viktor Kulikov (…) who was a ​Red Army colonel attacking NKVD buildings.
Further notes:
Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov, 1896-1974, soldier during Bolshevik Revolution, was a Chief of General Staff since 1941, WW2 or Great Patriotic War in Russian terminology. Formally Joseph Stalin was the head of Russian armies. Stalin had no military education and delegated all competences to the second person in the Army – General and later Marshal Zhukov. Zhukov is considered a Russian patriot who won WW2 for the Soviet Union.……

Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria, 1899-1953, Marshall of the Soviet Union, head of secret police NKVD and Deputy Prime Minister 1946-1953.

Wikipedia: Beria was the longest-lived and most influential of secret police chiefs, wielding his most substantial influence during and after World War II. He simultaneously administered vast sections of the Soviet state and served as de facto Marshal of the Soviet Union in command of the NKVD field units responsible for anti-Nazi partisan operations on the Eastern Front during World War II, as well as for acting as barrier troops and the apprehension of thousands of “turncoats, deserters, cowards and suspected malingerers.” Beria administered the vast expansion of the Gulag labor camps.…

Lazar Moiseyevich Kaganovich, (Russian „Moisey” = English „Moses”, Moiseyevich = son of Moses, this was his father’s name, Kaganovich = son of Kagan) 1893-1991, one of the longest living Bolsheviks.

Member of top circles of Bolshevik administration since 1918 until 1957, Deputy Prime Minister 1953-57. Blamed for many crimes of the Bolshevik regime, including fighting pesantry and nationalization of land, mass starvations purposefully organized in many regions of Soviet Union as population managment tool.

Blamed for the decision to demolish the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour (…), the most sacred temple in Moscow which was built in the 19 century to memorize the ictory in the first Patriotic War, victory in a war with Bonaparte armies in 1812.…,

Do you remember Pussy Riot? This is their performance in the most sacred temple of Russian Orthodoxy:……

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