Turkey Begs Russia For S-400 Systems, Promises Not to Give Them to NATO, but can Erdogan Be Trusted?

Turkey Begs Russia For S-400 Systems, Promises Not to Give Them to NATO

Seems a bit risky to us

We reported earlier this week that Ankara is interested in a kebab-for weapons deal with Russia.

Yes, we are incorrigible — but we weren’t straying too far from the facts: Turkey is seeking a Russian load to buy Russian weapons, including S-400 anti-air systems.

Oddly enough, Moscow seems open to the idea. We can only hope that there is a very good reason for this — perhaps it’s part of behind-the-scenes negotiations about Syria or even a token of goodwill to sweeten the Turk Stream deal.

The obvious problem though is that Russia would be selling some of its most advanced military hardware to a NATO member. Which begs the question: Isn’t that a bit … risky?


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Probably. And apparently Turkey appreciates why this could be a concern for Moscow.

As TASS reports:

Turkey has no plans to integrate Russian-made S-400 long-range antiaircraft missile systems into the NATO structure, if they are purchased, Turkish Defense Minister Fikri Isik said on Thursday.

“The complexes that will be purchased won’t be integrated into the NATO system,” the defense minister was quoted by the TV Channel Haber 7 as saying.

Isik said on Wednesday there was progress in purchasing S-400 systems from Russia but the sides had not yet reached the stage of signing the agreement.


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We still say it’s a bad deal. But what do we know? Apparently nothing, according to Harvard University

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