The Political Scene: Trump’s Policy with Allies – Pay Us and We’ll Protect You


March 23, 2017

U.S. President Donald Trump waits to speak by phone with the Saudi Arabia's King Salman in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington, U.S. January 29, 2017. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

US president Donald trumps’ policies towards the region have not been crystallized so far.
Many of the political positions and statements announced by the new administration are not clear enough to give a full- fledge  image about the US vision towards the region. Most of the information and conclusions are inferred from tentative analyses and some of his advisors statements.

Nonetheless, the main headline of the US policy towards the friends and allies in the world generally, and the region specifically, “pay us and we will protect you.”

However, it is estimated that the new American policy will go in accordance with the following lines:
Washington will neither wage a war nor will it withdraw from the nuclear agreement with Iran, but will make sure to tighten the sanctions against it, to downsize its influence in many places in the region.

– The US administration intends to engage more in Iraq by deploying more troops there in an attempt to get rid of ISIL and to make sure to blackmail the Iraqis, thus pressuring them to give more political and economic concessions. Trump aspires to cut off Iraq from its current stances and annex it to the gulf states in an effort to terminate the Iranian influence and coordination with Baghdad.

– As for Palestine, Trump plans to hold an international conference to reach a so-called political settlement, or to hold a tripartite summit that brings him, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu and PA President Mahmoud Abbas together to reach what his administration envisages as  a permanent solution .

In Yemen, the US urges Saudi Arabia to put a speedy end to its heavy engagement in the Yemeni quick sands, as winning the war there has proved to be almost impossible, along with Saudi dwindling status that affects drastically in other areas which could be in turn detrimental to US interests.

As for Syria, Washington intends to involve itself more, especially in the northern part of the country where it has deployed more troops and military equipments and has supported the Kurdish forces with vital military supplies thus escalating the Turkish worries. The US plans to have the sole and upper hand in liberating Raqqa without any coordination with or help from Russia in order to strike a balance with the culminating, rather towering influence Moscow has in Syria.

Washington wants this at any rate because it deeply understands that the future situation in Syria will play a crucial role and determine the future of the region and far beyond that for long years.

Source: Al-Manar Website

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