Gilad Atzmon: The Labour Party Has Reached Rock Bottom

March 31, 2017  /  Gilad Atzmon

It dawned on me a quite a while ago that the Left is no longer a political position, it is, actually, a severe mental disturbance.

Almost one year ago, Ken Livingstone, ex-London Mayor and an icon of resistance and humanism was suspended  from the Labour Party for suggesting that ‘Zionism collaborated with Nazi Germany.’ 

The truth was obviously on Livingstone’s side. In 1933 the German National Socialist government, the Zionist German Federation and the Anglo-Palestine Bank (on behalf of the Jewish Agency) signed an agreement to facilitate the immigration of 60.000 German Jews to Palestine. The transfer agreement was maintained from 1933 to 1939.

But truth and historicity are foreign notions as far as British Labour is concerned: Initially, Livingstone was suspended for making an ‘anti-Semitic’ comment. It seems that telling the truth about Hitler and Zionism is considered by Labour inquisitors to be a ‘hate crime.’

Since then it has taken the Labour expulsion enthusiasts eleven months to realise that they were on very shaky ground. All along, the truth has been with Livingstone – Hitler’s regime indeed collaborated extensively with Zionism, even as late as 1944 (the Kastner Affair). So Labour then amended its case against Livingstone. Instead of being accused of being an ‘anti-Semite,’ he is now accused of bringing the party into “disrepute.”

The take-home message is devastatingly simple. The Labour Party, in its current state, is a disgrace with Livingstone’s truth-telling and his adherence to historicity simply highlighting its grovelling shame. Not only can it not lead this country (as if this was even a remote option) it is in fact a treacherous institution that has betrayed, not just British working people, but every Western and universal value.

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