Phony US Accusations of Aggressive Russian Behavior

Phony US Accusations of Aggressive Russian Behavior

by Stephen Lendman

So-called “Russian aggression” is a US-invented canard, a Russia bashing tactic, a malicious Big Lie.
At NATO headquarters in Brussels, Secretary of State Tillerson falsely accused Moscow of “agitation” and “aggression,” saying NATO is committed to counter it.
In London, Defense Secretary Mattis lied, saying “(w)e have seen Russian activity vis-a-vis the Taliban,” adding:
“I’m not going to say at this point if that has manifested into weapons and that sort of thing, but certainly what they’re up to there in light of their other activities gives us concern.”
Days earlier, US NATO commander General Curtis Scaparrotti told Senate Armed Services Committee members he’s “seen the influence of Russia of late – increased influence in terms of association and perhaps even supply to the Taliban.”
Tillerson, Mattis and Scaparrotti provided no evidence supporting their allegations. There is none. No Russian “aggression” or “agitation” exists, no aid to Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.
False accusations are made to enlist congressional support for greater military spending at a time America’s only enemies are invented ones, no real ones.
It’s also a fear-mongering scheme to manipulate public sentiment, convince people of a nonexistent Russian and other threats.
At the Arkhangelsk, Russia Arctic forum, Vladimir Putin dismissed spurious accusations by US officials, claiming Russian “aggressive behavior,” calling them “ridiculous.”
Russia has “no intention of starting a war in the Arctic” or anywhere else. It won’t compete with America on military spending.
“We certainly have a common ground fighting international terrorism, and the very fact that President Trump thinks it’s important to do that is totally right,” Putin explained.
“This is a global problem. We shouldn’t do this in just one place, in one country. We’re willing to work together, and we really look forward to having this kind of constructive cooperation.”
At the same time, America “poses a (military) threat to” Russia, he stressed. “Our moves are of a local nature, and their moves are of (a) global nature.”
“They’ve been developing their missile defense system…building it up, and (it’s) one of the overarching concerns of global security today.”
“It’s not a defense system. (I)t’s part of the nuclear forces of theirs, installed in the periphery. It’s not…defensive. It helps minimize our response.”
Russia supports world peace and stability. It’s prepared to defend itself if attacked.
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