Gloves Are for Sissies: Photographs Show White Helmets Are Immune to Sarin



Thu, Apr 6, 2017

Who needs basic protective gear when dealing with chemical WMDs? The White Helmets have superhuman abilities

Sarin. It's only a flesh wound.

One thing everyone can agree on: The White Helmets are so, so brave for rushing to the scene of a “sarin gas attack” on Tuesday without even basic protective gear such as “gloves”.

Again, this is because the White Helmets are extremely brave — not because they stage videos. Anyone who doubts the White Helmets’ superhuman abilities — note the lack of “not dying” while they run around in a sarin gas wasteland — is a deranged conspiracy theorist, according to “responsible” news outlets and Twitter pundits.

But some refuse to bend the knee.’s Justin Raimondo has distinguished himself with his “basic critical thinking skills” — quite rare for Twitter, as we’re sure you are well aware:

View image on Twitter

You don’t handle sarin-saturated bodies *without gloves* – unless you’re a Syrian rebel trying to pull off yet another hoax.

Has everyone lost the capability for critical analysis? First responders handling sarin gas victims without gloves? Such a transparent hoax.

“Dead” victim of “sarin gas attack” in Syria opens her eyes.

Speaking at the Security Council meeting on Wednesday, Russia’s deputy UN ambassador Vladimir Safronkov  said that the US-drafted resolution blaming Assad for Tuesday’s “gas attack” in Idlib province was based on “falsified reports from the White Helmets“, an organization that has been “discredited long ago“.

He’s right.

So the guy who supplied “evidence” on the Idlib gas attack is a “committed jihadist” previously brought up on terror charges.
VERY credible!

It’s not a Sherlock Holmes mystery: You can’t just run headfirst into a sarin gas attack all willy-nilly without proper protection.

Correction: You can run headfirst into a sarin gas atack, but you will “feel the burn”, as they say:

35 ppl? Sarin? Bitch. Sarin’s a WMD, it kills thousands, if it was Sarin the first responders would also be dead. 

While making this fake video the didn’t realise Sarin 1st responders need full body suits as it will kill via skin contact.

View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter

Yes, this is the wardrobe chosen by Japanese first responders during the Tokyo sarin attack:

It’s not because they were cowards — it’s because they didn’t want to die.

The White Helmets are so, so brave.

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