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Syrian soldiers ascend a hilltop to declare victory over the darkness of Wahhabism in Northern Hama.


Terroristas de Al Nusra muertos en Hama

HAMA:  Hilfaayaa has been thoroughly deloused.  The United States tried to slow down the onslaught by attacking an airbase at Shu’ayraat which resulted in no appreciable diminution in the intensity of the Syrian Army’s campaign to eradicate every terrorist on Syrian soil.  In fact, the attack on the airbase exposed serious problems with American missile design and maintenance while underlining the superiority of Russian anti-missile technology.  But, all that is quite academic since the Syrian Army continues to achieve victory after victory all over Syria.

The Syrian military has confirmed the deaths of 158 mostly Saudi, Emirati and Turkish hyenas whose carcasses have been collected into groupings of fertilizer bags such as the one seen in the foregoing photograph.  They belonged to Alqaeda/Nusra, Jaysh Al-‘Izza, Jaysh Al-Nassr.  Among the dead were 5 field commanders, one of whom was styled “Abu Qudaamaa”, another Saudi pervert and child molester.  The Syrian Army and its allies also seized 4 missiles, destroyed a tank, 14 cannons, 1 booby-trapped car, 7 mortars and shells, 2 pickups with 23mm cannons,  and two entire warehouses filled with goodies.  All told, the SAA also annihilated 38+ vehicles in what one source of mine said was the equivalent of another ‘Utayba. 

You cannot forget the crucial role played by the Russian Air Force flying out of Humaymeem Airbase in Latakia giving our soldiers complete aerial support.

Besides the Saudi runt, Abu Qudaamaa, here are the only Syrian in the group of terrorists exterminated yesterday and today:

Khaalid Al-Ghajar

Iyaad Al-Naddaaf (He’ll be carding cotton in Hell)

Yusuf Al-‘Abbood

Hassaan Al-‘Abbood

Ismaa’eel Badraan (Member of Jaysh Al-Nassr)

Kamaal Al-Dayri (Jaysh Al-‘Izza)

Jalaal Faarooq Hannoon

Ahmad Sa’eed Doodi (Doo Dah! Doo Dah!)

Mahmoud ‘Abdul-Razzaaq Harkas

Qaassim Muhammad Ameen


السيطرة على بلدة حلفايا بريف حماة الشمالي والقضاء على مئات الارهابيين

With the army moving constantly on mechanized wings, these towns have now been liberated in the area around Hilfaayaa:  Zilleen, Waybda, Butaysh, Zoor Al-Naasiriyya, Zoor Abu Zayd, Tal Al-Naasiriyya, Tal Al-Mintaar.

All the rodents who survived the SAA’s attack were seen heading to Idlib.

The SAA also took over a very important strategic position north of Sooraan near the Lihaayaa Axis.



I have discussed Der’ah and the Southern Front a few days ago.  It’s not going well for the U.S.-backed terrorist campaign.  It’s going so badly, in fact, that the U.S. is scrambling, with its Jordanian-Saudi-Turk-Zionist allies, to cobble together a new army to fight the Assad government and the Syrian people.  But, according to my source in Damascus, they are having such a hard time attracting new recruits that they have decided to go ahead and keep Alqaeda terrorists on the payroll in the hope they might, laughably, moderate their views of Christians, Alawis, Druze, Ismailis, Shi’a and Rastafarians.  It’s turning into a disaster which is impelling the Americans to tell the Saudis, who are the most pushy about Dr. Assad, that it might not work out after all.

Jordanian treason is now in full bloom.  There can be no question any longer about the half-breed king’s motives.  He must adhere to the Saudi/Qatari line or risk losing every source of rainy-day money he could ever count on.  His army, frankly, is not equipped to handle anything involving deep thought and his commanding officers are rankled by the fact that they are now on the side of Islamist terrorists.  This Tom-Thumb tyrant is not long for the throne.  Behind his back, however, the Syrian MI people continue to make inroads into the dwarf monarch’s General Intelligence Service.

The Saudis, who constantly quack about sending ground forces to help in Syria, are so lacking in credibility that such suggestions are treated as a running gag in Moscow. With the Saudis losing every battle in Yemen (only to find the sole face-saving way out by carpet-bombing civilians) they have squandered their Paper Tiger army and embraced the contempt of the world for their barbaric siege of the Yemeni people.  The Saudis cannot even count on their own soldiers.  They have been forced to seek out assistance from Egypt and Pakistan, all of whom pay lip service to their cause without sending a single recruit.  Mercenaries are the order of the day, whether in Yemen or Syria, and the Saudis are becoming increasingly aware of their precarious financial position.

Lessons from the reality of Saudi Arabia’s patented incompetence are many.  For one, the Saudis would fold like a tepee made of wooden skewers if war ever broke out between them and Iran.  Even the Saudis know this – which is why they are so spooked by Teheran.  And so, it’s the White Man’s Burden to save the Saudis from themselves with a little help from the Zionist Apartheid State, Britain and the newly prostituted French Republic.


Ibta’a-Al-Shaykh Miskeen Road:  A car packed with Nusra/Alqaeda derelicts sped westward on this road.  An SAA ranger spotted it and knew from its year and model that it was a car used by Nusra.  The SAA-Mi keeps very good records of all vehicles in the country and knows that certain makes and models are inevitably purchased by Saudi Arabia/Qatar for its favorite terrorists.  The car and the Kornet rocket met and all the passengers were exterminated.

Al-Wardaat Village in the wilderness of Al-Lijaat:  A pestilence of rodents gathered just east of this village when a mortar shell fired by the SAA landed close enough to their perimeter to kill 3 of the rodents.

Al-Talaayibi Square, South of the Al-Karak Water Reservoir, West of Al-Naaziheen Refugee Camp and the Old Dam Road Quarter:  SAA concentrated on destroying fortifications.  You can figure out why.  These locales will soon be targeted.



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