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Get a nice look at the Marlboro Man on the upper right side of the picture.  Gee, he must not be too worried about the Sarin gas!  Maybe he’s immune to Sarin gas since there really isn’t any around him anyways.  This photo was taken in Khaan Shaykhoon, probably by the bunglers at HRW or AI.   




Only British directors could goof this one up.  Filmed on location in Idlib, watch how the illustrious White Helmets prepare an actor for the horrors of being buried alive.   The CIA could not have done a worse job.  Read Brandon’s article on the subject:


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Zaynab Al-Husni seen in a photo taken after she was beheaded, strangled, raped, butchered  and skinned alive by Assad’s thugs.  Well, it didn’t quite turn out that way seeing she absconded from her home because her brothers were out to get her for some personal transgression.  In any case, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International got on the Humiliation Bandwagon with this corker of a story.  You could see the NYT also on the same bandwagon.


Well, folks, its like summertime reruns.  The same old rehash of the self-same tired narratives we have been watching for the last six years.  I just don’t have the gumption to regurgitate the worn out mantras used by the prostituted Western press about Assad’s this, or Assad’s that – it’s become too enervating.  But, when the president of the U.S. falls for this folderol, you know you’ve got a serious problem.

I remember back in 2013 when the propaganda machine run by MI6 in Syria bungled another story.  You see, they were trying to label Assad’s militias and intelligence services as cruel henchmen.  They aimed to do this by showing Assad’s men burying “honest”, “decent” and “well-meaning” reporters alive.  They rehearsed the scene so much that some people managed to sneak the tapes out and you could actually see them repeatedly burying the same person alive ad nauseam.

And there were the professional liars who could have done in serious news celebrities had it not been for the curious social and sexual status of the victim.  In this case, we are talking about Anderson Cooper who was so mesmerized by the acting abilities of Danny Abdul-Dayem that you could vicariously feel the perverse attraction between the 2 men – an obscene, lip-smacking, nay, orgiastic spectacle only sodomites and pederasts can possibly appreciate.  There was “Danny the Syrian”, a British citizen with an accent indicating a privileged upbringing, who, because of his raw courage and righteousness, his insistence on justice and dignity, found his way to war-torn Syria to chronicle the excesses of Assad’s military machine.  Huddled amongst modest, kerchiefed women, he blasted the regime which was purportedly indiscriminately bombing city centers, killing innocent civilians by the handful, pummeling anything that smacked of resistance to his cruel rule; his reign of terror; his archetypal republic of vampirism and slavery.  Why, he was so sincere, it is amazing nobody nominated him for some Nobel prize, a la the White Helmets.

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No, Danny did not receive any prizes after it was revealed he was nothing more than a career flim-flam man who was selected by MI6 to act out a scenario conjured up by some screenwriter contracted to the infamous British spook agency to make Assad look really bad.  Oooooooh.  Danny met his end, not by a bullet to the head, which would have been our preferred method of removing him from the tv screen.  No.  He met his end when some good soul transported a video Danny was filming of Syrian Army artillery shellacking the area where he was supposedly hiding (in Homs) and which showed him clearly giving directions to a crew of cameramen, sound men and special effects coordinators.  It was hilarious.  Even more evocative, was Anderson Cooper’s questioning him about that scene.  Danny just couldn’t give a decent answer.  Exeunt.

Nowhere in history has this level of propaganda been used so repeatedly in order to oust the sitting president of a member state of the U.N.  No other place!  Sure, Dr. Goebbels was a brilliant propagandist who managed to electrify Germans during WWII, but his ornate lying was not directed solely at one leader of another country in order to enflame its masses to rise up and destroy their own country.  Even Iraq, during George W. Bush’s days, was subjected only to one theme:  the possession of banned WMDs.  In Syria we have much more than CW as a target for perseverative lying in the Western Media.  We are watching the evolution of a complex, interwoven, coordinated and continuous pattern of obstinate adherence to a set of thematic targets which admit no other alternatives.  Once a reporter breaks from the accepted theme, he or she is blackballed and relegated to the “independent alternative media”.  Congresswoman, Tulsi Gabbard, a two-tour Army veteran of the Iraq War,  had her patriotism impugned by a Democratic party member because she stood up for international law and the demands of her own Constitution.  One can only imagine the suffering Richard Black endures when he weighs in intelligently on the subject.

Ph.D. theses will be written about the nomenclature devised by the Western Press with guidance by the CIA, NSA, MI6, Turk MIT, Zionist Mossad, Saudi, Qatari and Jordanian General Intelligence Services and the French DGSE.  Suddenly, groups like Al-Qaeda and ISIS, are labeled “rebels” as though Chechen terrorists fighting against Dr. Assad’s government were “rebelling” against his rule.  It didn’t matter to the prostitutes in New York whether the “rebels” were Syrian or not.  What mattered was the promotion of a narrative which ascribed to terrorists the characteristics of a people fighting for dignity and freedom against a coarse, oligarchical tyranny represented by the Assad family.  The Western Press refused to even refer to the terrorists as “militants” because that might shake the carefully constructed image of a band of moderate freedom fighters locked in battle with a despotic regime.

The word “regime” was used so often to challenge the legitimacy of Dr. Assad’s presidency that it started a wave of tit-for-tat responses in readers’ comments.  I would read the angry responses to typically propagandistic articles with phrases such as “the Obama regime” or the “Hollande regime”.  You could tell people were picking up on the “neo-con terminology of choice” and were punching it straight back at the prostituted authors of these deplorably shabby articles.

Opposition members in Europe were rarely, if ever, outed as rented mercenaries working for the rag-headed Arabians of KSA, the UAE or Qatar.  No way!  Not one reporter ever wondered who was paying for the 5 star hotels in which these mostly failed exiles lived.  The Fake News Media never mentioned to a single reader that they were completely disconnected from the terrorists who ruled some streets during the onset of the insurrection.  Names were bandied about with no explanation of how or why they had some special characteristic that singled them out for celebrity or popularity in their own country.  Some exiled opposition members were completely ridiculous:  George Sabra who was showcased, at first,  because he was supposedly a Christian was an emcee on a children’s program in Damascus.  He was essentially a clown with no experience in politics.  On top of that, the authors of these lame-brained articles did not tell the readers that this pious Christian was, in truth, a rabid atheist and communist.  Others, like Ghassan Hitto, a Kurd, have not been to Syria for over 30 years having dodged the draft and relocated to Texas.  Still, others like Khaled Khoja, were not even Syrians – Khoja is a Turk.  Another, who was inextricably tied to the Saudis, was Ahmad Jarba, a scion of the Shammar tribe of Syria who was a convicted pimp, swindler and procureur.  You never got to read that in the Western Press.

The consistency in the reportage is the most telling clue of all.  Once might ask himself or herself, how is it that the NYT, the WP, WSJ, PBS, Der Spiegel, Le Monde, Jerusalem Post, Al-Jazeera, Al-‘Arabiyya, BBC, Christian Science Monitor, and the rest, all present with the same reporting?  How can that happen without an agenda laid out in purple prose directing the news media to follow in lockstep with the scenario spelled out for them by the intelligence services mentioned in the foregoing?  It seems almost surreal.  The only explanation is that the Deep State, or some very powerful cabal of billionaires, or, maybe, governments, sent out their messengers to blackmail these news organs:  “You’ll follow this plan or you won’t ever get to the White House.”  Perhaps, they were bought by promises of special treatment at Whitehall, the Department of State, the Quai D’Orsay, or the German Auswaartiges Amt.  That crucial scoop which makes reporters salivate was held in front of them like bait for a ravenous wolf.  Or, maybe,  the Western News Media is under the control of the International Zionist Movement.  All I know is that there is a programmatic character to the way the corporate media presents the news on Syria.

Remember the exciting episode when Richard Engel was kidnapped?  I sure do. This dyslexic ultramaroon and uber-Zionist was reportedly detained and kidnapped by “pro-Assad shabiha militiamen” when he was traveling in Syria illegally with a crew of boner-heads.  Why, as soon as he was released through some purported interventions, 5 days after the event, he went on the Today Show and proudly denounced President Assad’s thugs as the perpetrators.  Well, once again, we have a story, which, interestingly, in this case was exposed by the NYT.  It turns out that Engel’s story just didn’t add up.  And, as it turned out, Mr. Engel, a lapdog for Zionist katsas and assorted fairy tale writers,  admitted his story was wrong.  He was kidnapped by the heroic FSA, or some group affiliated with America’s darling “rebels”.



Besides the lying from Engel, what was even more involving was the fact that both NBC News and Vanity Fair, both of which ran orotund reports about the ordeal and the evil of Assad would not publish retractions.  Embarrassed to au plus haut point, they would not revisit the issue hoping their readers would live out their lives believing Dr. Assad’s blackguards were still responsible.  We, at SyrPer, still argue that the whole episode was deliberately skewed to bamboozle the American viewer.      

And does anybody remember the Der Spiegel reporter, Erich Follath,  who came up with one of the most bombastic lies in the history of propaganda.  Yes. That’s the one who disseminated a lie so incredible that even his own principals wouldn’t kite it beyond the first publication.  According to this birdbrain, Syria has a second and third nuclear weapons facility, this time, not on the Euphrates near the abandoned village of Al-Kibar, but, across the breast of Syria at Al-Qusayr, on the Lebanese border.  The article is gut-wrenchingly funny and should be read by all my friends:


You see his logic?  Iran, a powerful regional player with industrial capabilities, took decades to get its nuclear program rolling.  But, we Syrians, are such geniuses that we are able to have a kit to build a nuclear weapon with just one North Korean scientist.  And all this is being done in an area which used to be controlled by terrorists!  You have got to now believe that there is no redemption for these hacks in the West.  And by the way, the uranium found at Al-Kibar  by U.N. inspectors turned out to be from the missiles fired by the Zionist bombers.  There was no reactor there, only a factory for rockets after a tragic disaster at another factory in Aleppo.

But, look at the fervor!  American and Western politicians are so determined to get President Assad that they have turned into feral, rabid monsters.  John McCain for one, is so involved in the effort, he huffed-and-puffed his way out of a meeting between Syrian Christian priests who were lobbying Washington to stop attacking their leader.  He could not sit while these clerics pushed the narrative that Dr. Assad protected minorities.  I have already written about the fact that McCain has been promised millions of dollars by the Saudis as the Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.  He is looking at a massive fortune. The same was true of Hollande and Cameron – both miserable sycophantish coprophiliacs to the unctuous and soiled boors of Arabia. The whole pot of fandangle built on a promise of lucre in exchange for a Brobdingnagian constellation of pure mendacity.  Shame has no place in the company of these charlatans – they wouldn’t know it if they saw it.

These lies have brought Syria to ruin.  The people of Syria have been tortured by lies.  There should be a criminal charge for lying that causes so much agony.  The perpetrators of the lies should spend their lives in a jar like the Sybil of Cumae.  When asked what she wanted, the Sybil responded, “I want to be dead”. That’s what I want for all these criminals.  Ziad
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