Putin on Global Cyber attack “. Russia had nothing to do with it, the primary source was the USA

Russia has nothing to do with it,” while the source of primary virus was the US.

Putin Addresses Participants of the Belt and Road Investment Forum

Global Cyberattack

When asked about the global cyberattack, Putin said that Russia is concerned over the hacker attack, however, so far it has caused no significant damage for the country.

He emphasized that “Russia has nothing to do with it,” while the source of primary virus was the US.

“For us there has been no significant damage: neither banks, nor for the healthcare system. But this [the cyberattack] is serious, it causes concern,” Putin said.

Last Friday, the Kaspersky Lab IT company registered about 45,000 ransomware attacks in 74 countries worldwide, with the largest number of targets in Russia. The company reported that the attack was carried out with the use of ransomware dubbed WannaCry. The malicious software has reportedly infected computers in up to a hundred countries and tried to extort users’ money.On Sunday, Europol Executive Director Rob Wainwright said that the global cyberattack may continue on Monday. According to Wainwright, the attack affected 200,000 users in 150 countries, including businesses and large corporations.

High-Tech Cooperation with China

Putin and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping announced the next meeting in the Silk Road Forum format will be held in 2019.

Russia and China are cooperating in many high-tech industries, for example, in space and aircraft manufacturing, Putin said.

“We cooperate in space quite successfully, and there is every chance that we will increase this cooperation. Supplies of our rocket engines to China are on the agenda,” Putin told a press conference.

He said that Russia is going to supply China with high-tech engines.The Russian president emphasized that the main area of cooperation is the energy sector, adding that Russia and China are going to work in the LNG area together.

He said that Russia is open to cooperation with any state, adding that China has also demonstrated such openness.

When asked of an alleged risk of Russia’s absorption by the Chinese economy, Putin said that “we are not a country that is afraid of anything, China’s actions are not aimed at this.”

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