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مع استكمال عمليات الجيش السوري شرق حلب ما هي وجهته القادمة؟

DAYR-EL-ZOR:  As more Syrian Army troops are freed to fight in other battles across their country, we see a force of close to 20,000 now heading directly from eastern Homs to Dayr El-Zor.  This move is a shift in strategy from when the Syrian High Command was more interested in the western part of the country.  But, Dayr El-Zor is a crucial element of Syria’s economic well-being and cannot be ignored, especially now that the Iraqi Armed Forces have started to close off all supply routes to the terrorists in East Syria.

About 4 days ago, the Al-Nujabaa` Front, was seen setting up positions to block supplies to ISIS on the border with Syria.  The Iraqi Air Force conducted several sweeps over ISIS concentrations at Al-Bu-Kamaal killing a high-ranking terrorist field commander by the name of ‘Abdul-Rahmaan Jamaal Al-Aseel.  


Al-Mayaadeen:  A warehouse managed by ISIS insects exploded killing 27 cockroaches and destroying 12 vehicles.  The operation has been attributed to Syrian Army-Special Operations Units.




Al-Qaaboon:  The first tranche of flea-bitten rodents left Al-Qaaboon for northwestern Syria yesterday after most accepted offers of amnesty and clemency from the government.  The last group has now left neighboring Al-Barza in order to live in the Wahhabist enclave of Idlib.  Brigadier General, Kamaal Saarim of the Syrian Army confirmed that his forces have killed over 1000 terrorists during the last 3 months of combat in Al-Qaaboon.  The key to the collapse of the terrorist presence in the two suburbs of Damascus was the discovery of over 29 tunnels that led to the East Al-Ghouta.  Once the tunnels were sealed by the SAA, so was the fate of the terrorist Wahhabi-supported vultures.  It has been revealed that some rodents escaped to ‘Irbeen or Harastaa through the tunnels before they were detonated by the SAA-Engineering Corps.


The Capital:  On Syrian television, the terrorist vulture, Waleed Hindi, confessed to fabricating scenes of horror in Aleppo which were filmed by Turkish television stations and the White Helmets in order to tarnish the image of the Syrian Army and government.  These films which depicted people suffering from CW attacks were pure fabrication.  He admitted to joining a terrorist organization whose members received their salaries from a “local council” and contributors from Persian Gulf Ayraab countries.

Another terrorist, ‘Imaad ‘Abdul-Jawaad, also admitted on television that he witnessed the presence of chemical weapons in the hands of the terrorists and that he personally was involved in transporting it.  When he was asked to move the CW from Al-Sukkari Quarter to the Al-‘Aamiriyya Quarter, he was told he was carrying dishwashing soap and laundry detergent as a cover story.  Because of his active asthma, he notice that what he was carrying was causing him to have breathing problems.  As he watched other terrorists appear in long silver-colored uniforms and masks, he was unceremoniously ordered to leave the scene.  But, what he saw them extract from the load was nothing similar to dishwashing soap or detergent.


Al-Hajar Al-Aswad:  This area adjacent to the Yarmouk Camp was the scene, on May 11, 2017, of the execution of Firaas Ghannaam, a/k/a “Abu Maryam” after he was accused and convicted of “breaking ranks”.  He took a shot to the head.


Madyaraa Village:  The Saudi-financed reptiles of the Faylaq Al-Rahmaan blocked the escape of medical doctors to Misraabaa. The physicians were arrested and forced to return to their practice as veterinarians.




West and East Habra Villages, Rasm Hameeda:  Three strategic points have been liberated by the Syrian Army from ISIS.  Our source in Damascus says over 40 rodents were killed and 8 pickups with 23mm cannons were destroyed in the operation.  Also cleansed were South Al-Mushayrifa, Rasm Al-Taweel, East Tallaa’ and Umm Sahreej. 


Al-Wa’er:  260+ rodents have left in the 9th tranche toward northern Aleppo Province.  Some can be seen in the photo below carrying their stolen possessions.



مصاردنا تنفي أكاذيب المعارضة حول

The Syrian Army has confirmed the liberation of Al-Mahdoom Village as another stepping stone toward Maskana, and, finally to Tabqa where mostly Kurd forces have managed to eject ISIS from the dam.  The Syrian Army is moving quickly to prevent the United States-backed Kurds from having any legal claim to establish their counterfeit state in northeastern Syria.


QUNAYTRA:   A leader of the Jaysh Thuwwaar Sooriyaa – Al-Jaysh Al-Hurr (FSA), a group which serves the interests of MOSSAD, was killed when an SAA-planted IED blew him and his car into smithereens as he left his home in Burayqa.  He was called “Abu Ja’far”.  He is now called “dead”.       



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