Interesting message I received yesterday linking the Libya Embassy in London with the terrorism in Manchester

Most of you know me that I am a Libyan, here is an information that till today I haven’t read in the English newspapers about the Manchester attack. Salman Obeidi’s father was a policeman in Tripoli can 1991 when for his own reasons he joined the radical group called L.I.F.G <= LIBYAN Islamic fighting group. Qaddafi had banned it aka the reason for escaping the same year and asking for asylum in 🇬🇧. The father Ramadan Abdulgassem Obeidi never stpd his affiliation with the grp & continued to work with the leaders of LIFG who are Belhaz who has a British passport & one of the worst terrorist known, the other is Abdul Basset Gweli from Zliten and has Caribbean passport. I’m sure the above info u already know what isn’t mention is Faousi Camoucha who is more dangerous than Belhaz & Gweli is a diplomat in the LIBYAN embassy in 🇬🇧 & was in an everyday contact with Salman Obeidi which is believed that CAMOUCHA gave the order. Please do not forget that all the above ppl were working with MI5/6 you can use the information as u wish if u have to say my name pls use only abbreviations thank you for your time

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