israel is the mother of terrorism in the Middle East


The state of Israel was established by Zionist terror organizations such as Irgun (or Etzel), Hagana, and Stern, who used to plant bombs in crowded Palestinian markets, cafes, shops, and buses. What was called Israeli military intelligence then had carried out a bombing campaign in Egypt in 1954, and had hijacked a Syrian civilian airliner in the same year in order to obtain hostages to trade for captured Zionist spies.

Even before the establishment of the Zionist Israeli state, all of its leaders up to the present had committed savage massacres and war crimes against innocent unarmed Palestinian civilians; starting with the massacre of Dir Yasin, Kufr Qasim, Tantura, Sabra and Shatila, Quana, Jenin, and up to the present genocidal financial and economical siege and blockade of the whole Palestinian people. The Geneva Convention defines genocide, among others, as “acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, including deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life, calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part”.

Israeli prime ministers are the most notorious terrorists. The first Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion had established the Israeli state on the total destruction and obliteration of at least 500 Palestinian towns and villages. Menachem Begin, commanded the terrorist organization Irgun, praised the massacre of Dir Yasin calling it a “miracle”. Begin’s Irgun had committed many terrorist attacks against Palestinian and British civilians, that led Ben Gurion to refer to the Irgun as “Jewish Nazis” and compared Begin to Hitler. Yitzhak Shamir masterminded the murder of hundreds of Palestinian and British civilians, and was responsible for the bombing of King David Hotel in Jerusalem. His Lehi terrorist gang was responsible for the assassination of the British minister in the Middle East, Lord Moyne, in Cairo in November 1944, and the assassination of UN mediator Count Folke Bernadotte in September 1948

Yitzhak Rabin carried the massacres in Palestinian towns of Lud and Ramleh and ordered his soldiers to break the bones of Palestinian youngsters’ bones during the Intifada. Ehud Barak orchestrated the assassination of three Palestinian leaders in Lebanon in 1970. Ariel Sharon, hailed by Israelis as “king of Israel”, was the most notorious butcher of them all. His whole career was filled with massacres of Palestinian, Egyptian, and Lebanese civilians. All the Israeli Prime Ministers had committed racial and religious cleansing on a very large scale and this cleansing is still going on until today.

After the establishment of the Israeli state on the usurped Palestinian land all the Zionist terror organizations had united together in one organization to become the Israeli army. This Israeli army became a terrorist organization for hire. This was clear when Israel joined Britain and France in their war against Egypt in 1956 after Egyptian President Naser had nationalized the Suez Canal. Among the payments Israel received was Dimona nuclear reactor built by France, and heavy water for nuclear material from Britain.

Terrorism is embodied in the Israeli army, who had invaded all the neighboring Arab states; Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. The army committed many massacres and war crimes murdering unarmed innocent civilians, demolishing civilian homes, razing agricultural lands, and indiscriminately bombing and destroying whole Arab cities.

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