Vote Labour-Vote no to more wars

Vote no to war

Tomorrow’s elections offer a clear choice between the possibility of a shift to a peaceful foreign policy, or the continuation of the 16-year long cycle of war and brutality that has ravaged large parts of the Middle East and North Africa, while reducing security and civil liberties in Britain as well. 

This “War on Terror” had led to over a million deaths in Iraq by 2008. As many as one million people have been killed in Afghanistan as well, where the war is also still raging. Afghani children are now being killed in record numbers. Millions of people have been displaced, millions of lives have been ruined by the warmongers’ selfish and cruel agenda.

Theresa May has supported every single savage and disastrous UK military intervention in the last 16 years. She and her war party have been bombing at least seven countries. This has included the barbarous bombardment of the heavily populated Iraqi city of Mosul. May’s government is also supporting and directly participating in the mass-scale Saudi bombing of Yemen, which has led to war crimes against thousands of civilians. In their insatiable quest for power, Trump and May are planning further interventions.

The Conservative government’s pro-war priorities have also contributed to huge cuts in health care and welfare. These are causing misery and deprivation. Cuts to NHS and social care budgets have probably been the cause of 30,000 excess deaths in England and Wales in 2015 alone. We can either cut war or continue cutting health care and welfare.

For the benefit of the British population and of humanity as a whole, this government needs to be defeated. Encourage your friends and family to vote tomorrow for
parties which oppose war.

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