Michael Fallon “Britain will support illegal U.S. action during next Chemical Weapons false flag in Syria”

Britain will support US if it attacks Syria over chemical weapons says Defence Secretary

Syria Air strikesGETTY

Britain will support US if it attacks Syria over Chemical weapons usage

The White House has said it has “potential” evidence the Syrian military is preparing for another chemical attack against rebel forces and warned the .

Sir Michael said that Britain had backed the US administration of President Donald Trump when it mounted missile strikes against the regime following a chemical attack last April and was prepared to do so again.


Assad: Chemical attack in Syria was ‘100% fabricated’

The Syrian president believes it was made up by the US

Syrian dictator Bashar AssadGETTY

Syrian dictator Bashar Assad has been accused of using chemical weapons on rebels

“As always in war, the military action you use must be justified, it must be legal, it must proportionate, it must be necessary. In the last case it was,” Sir Michael told the Radio 4 Today programme.

“If the Americans take similar action again, I want to be very clear – we will support it.”


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