Syrian Op. Official: We Want Peace with Friendly ’Israel’!

28-06-2017 | 12:29

Once again it’s the common interests and normalization that governs the relation between the Syrian opposition and the apartheid “Israeli” entity.

Salim Hudaifah, political representative of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” revealed that “Israel” conducts extensive intelligence activities in Syria.

“We do not need the help of “Israel”, we have people on the ground, and we know very well what ISIS is doing. We want peace with “Israel”, and today, among the opposition in Syria, most people understand that the enemy is Iran and not “Israel”, so there is a good chance that there will be peace in the future.

So said Hudaifah during his participation in the Eurasian Media Forum.

He blatantly further added: “”Israel” needs to do more and help the ‘rebels’. People here are disappointed [with “Israel”]. There are also quite a few who think that you are helping al-Assad, because they see that the “Israeli”-Syrian border is quiet.

“I think you can be more proactive and help us. Regarding the treatment of the wounded in your hospitals, it certainly improved “Israel’s” image in the eyes of Syrians, but only in a limited way. The reason is that the Arab media does not report it.”

Source: Ynet, Edited by website team

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