John Pilger slams Mainstream silence re Apartheid israel crimes: #FreePalestine

John Pilger slams Mainstream silence re Apartheid Israel crimes: Free Palestine
by : Dr Gideon Polya

Outstanding expatriate Australian journalist John Pilger has written a powerful demand for Palestinian human rights on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the illegal, war criminal Israeli seizure of all of Palestine and the violent kidnapping of the Occupied Palestinians , presently 4.7 million with half of them Occupied Palestinian children (see John Pilger, “John Pilger on why Palestine is still the issue:, New Matilda, 10 July 2017:… ) .

After recounting shocking stories from the Occupied Palestinian experience , John Pilger roundly condemns the mendacious, racist, pro-Zionist and pro-Apartheid Mainstream media : “For Palestinians, these will be familiar stories. The question is: why are they not familiar in London and Washington, Brussels and Sydney? In Syria, a recent liberal cause – a George Clooney cause – is bankrolled handsomely in Britain and the United States, even though the beneficiaries, the so-called rebels, are dominated by jihadist fanatics, the product of the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq and the destruction of modern Libya. And yet, the longest occupation and resistance in modern times is not recognized. When the United Nations suddenly stirs and defines Israel as an apartheid state, as it did this year, there is outrage – not against a state whose “core purpose” is racism but against a UN commission that dared break the silence. “Palestine,” said Nelson Mandela, “is the greatest moral issue of our time.” Why is this truth suppressed, day after day, month after month, year after year? On Israel – the apartheid state, guilty of a crime against humanity and of more international law-breaking than any other – the silence persists among those who know and whose job it is to keep the record straight”.

John Pilger concludes that we are all Palestinians (“they are us, and we are them”) and that accordingly Palestinians will eventually be free: “At the heart of the Middle East is the historic injustice in Palestine. Until that is resolved, and Palestinians have their freedom and homeland, and Israelis and Palestinians are equal before the law, there will be no peace in the region, or perhaps anywhere. What Mandela was saying is that freedom itself is precarious while powerful governments can deny justice to others, terrorise others, imprison and kill others, in our name. Israel certainly understands the threat that one day it might have to be normal. That is why its ambassador to Britain is Mark Regev, well known to journalists as a professional propagandist, and why the “huge bluff” of charges of anti-Semitism, as Ilan Pappe called it, was allowed to contort the Labour Party and undermine Jeremy Corbyn as leader. The point is, it did not succeed. Events are moving quickly now. The remarkable Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanctions campaign (BDS) is succeeding, day-by-day; cities and towns, trade unions and student bodies are endorsing it. The British government’s attempt to restrict local councils from enforcing BDS has failed in the courts. These are not straws in the wind. When the Palestinians rise again, as they will, they may not succeed at first – but they will eventually if we understand that they are us, and we are them.”

Inspired by John Pilger’s excellent, humane essay I make the following 5 key points:

(1) a measure of the silence, mendacity, racism, and anti-Arab anti-Semitism of the pro-Zionist Mainstream media (that are also anti-Jewish anti-Semitic by falsely conflating Apartheid Israel with all Jews, including decent anti-racist Jews who utterly abhor racist Zionism and Apartheid Israeli atrocities) – Googling “Madeleine McCann” ( British child believed to have been kidnapped in Portugal) yields 595,000 results but Googling “Occupied Palestinian children” (2.4 million violently confined, 1 million in the Gaza Concentration Camp and 1.4 million in West Bank ghettoes under Israeli guns) yields 6 results, 100,000 times fewer than for 1 British child;

(2) of the now 52% Palestinian majority in a Palestine ruled by Apartheid Israel, 73% (the Occupied Palestinians) have zero human rights and are unable to vote for the government ruling them i.e. Apartheid as in Apartheid South Africa but supported by pro-Apartheid Israel nations, most notably Trump America, endlessly racist and imperialist Britain, racist White Australia and now Hindutva-ruled, neofascist and racist Modi India;

(3) with 90% of Palestinians now ethnically cleansed by the genocidal Zionists, the 2 state solution is totally dead. The World must demand an end to the war criminal occupation with an end to race-based Apartheid Israel after the example of post-Apartheid South Africa and its replacement by a unitary state in Palestine with return of all refugees, zero tolerance for racism, equal rights for all, one-person-one-vote, justice, goodwill, reconciliation, airport-level security, internationally-guaranteed national security initially based on present armed forces, and untrammelled access for all citizens to all of the Holy Land – it can happen tomorrow;

(4) the World must apply Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Apartheid Israel and all its racist supporters (as were successfully applied against UK-, US-, Australia- and Apartheid Israel-backed Apartheid South Africa) and racist Zionists and their supporters must be sidelined from public life as have been other racist such as the Nazis, neo-Nazis, Apartheiders and the Ku Klux Klan;

(5) in particular, politicians in a one-person-one-vote democracy must support one-person-one-vote – those who support nuclear terrorist, racist Zionist-run, democracy Apartheid Israel are pro-Apartheid and hence anti-one-person-one-vote democracy. In Australia (second only to Trump America in support of Apartheid Israel) decent, informed people will utterly reject the pro-Apartheid Lib-Labs (Coalition Government and Labor Right Opposition), vote 1 Green and put the Coalition last.

Some useful compendia of realities utterly ignored by the Zionist-subverted and perverted, anti-Arab anti-Semitic and anti-Jewish anti-Semitic Mainstream media presstitutes:

“Boycott Apartheid Israel”:….

“Gaza Concentration Camp”:… .

“Jews Against Racist Zionism”:… .

“Non-Jews Against Racist Zionism”:… .

“Nuclear weapons ban, end poverty and reverse climate change”:… .

“Palestinian Genocide”:… .

“Stop state terrorism” :… .

“State crime and non-state terrorism”:… .

Nuclear terrorist, racist Zionist-run, democracy-by-genocide Apartheid Israel is now at the cross-roads – it can (a) continue as a vile, genocidal, grossly human rights-abusing , neo-Nazi Apartheid rogue state or (b) dismantle Apartheid as was done in post-Apartheid South Africa. The 2-State Solution is now dead because of the ethnic cleansing of 90% of the land of Palestine by the genocidally racist Zionists. . A peaceful , humane solution that would be of enormous benefit to all the world, to all the Jewish Israelis and to all the Indigenous Palestinians would be a unitary state in Palestine with return of all refugees, zero tolerance for racism, equal rights for all, all human rights for all, one-person-one-vote, justice, goodwill, reconciliation, airport-level security, nuclear weapons removal, internationally-guaranteed national security initially based on present armed forces, and untrammelled access for all citizens to all of the Holy Land. It can and should happen tomorrow (see Gideon Polya, “50 years of genocidal occupation & human rights abuse by Apartheid Israel”, Countercurrents, 9 June 2017:… ).

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