Tiger Forces liberate key gas fields from ISIS along Raqqa-Homs border region: videos

Breaking: Syrian Army liberates new oil field in southern Raqqa

BEIRUT, LEBANON (5:55 P.M.) – Minutes ago, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) scored another important victory in northern Syria, liberating an Islamic State (ISIL) controlled oil field in the Al-Raqqa Governorate.

Led by their elite Tiger Forces, the Syrian Arab Army began the day by storming the Al-Fahd Oil Field and nearby Al-Fahd Oil Station; this would result in a fierce battle with the Islamic State terrorists in southern Al-Raqqa.

Finally, by the late afternoon, the Syrian Arab Army was able to impose full control over the Al-Fahd Oil Field and Oil Station, forcing the remaining Islamic State terrorists to retreat south.

With the liberation of the Al-Fahd Oil Field, today, the Syrian Arab Army has liberated at least a half dozen oil fields from the Islamic State’s grip this week.

Tiger Forces liberate key gas fields from ISIS along Raqqa-Homs border region: videos

BEIRUT, LEBANON (6:25 A.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) Tiger Forces have rolled on to the provincial borders between Raqqa and Homs, securing a number of key gas fields along the way. These most recent gains come as the elite formation now begins to shift the full weight of its strategic reserve into the battle to reach al-Sukhnah from the north.

 The key gas fields liberated by the Tiger Forces late yesterday include the Zamleh Sharqiyah, B’ir Zamleh and al-Khalaa gas fields. All these gas fields are situated in the desert region between Raqqa Governorate and Palmyra, east of the town of Khirbet Halul, and their liberation represents the arrival of the Tiger Forces into northeastern Homs Governorate via Raqqa Governorate.

What began as a pencil-like penetration south of the town of Resafa by pro-government forces several days ago, is now developing into a steamroller-like sweeping action throughout the Raqqa-Homs battlespace as the SAA’s elite Tiger Forces and supporting tribal militias both throw in their reserves.

However, it should be noted that with their entry into northeastern Homs Governorate, the flat, open desert spaces so far transited through by the Tiger Forces will now begin to give way to increasingly rugged terrain as the town of al-Sukhnah is approached from the northern direction. It is in this specific region where ISIS might begin to put up a committed resistance.

The Syrian Army Tiger Forces and Tribal forces have liberated Bir al-Zamlah, Bir Rumaylan, Eastern Zamlah, the Zamlah pumping station and the gas fields of Zalmah and Khala, and Fahed and Dubaysan oil fields from ISIS terrorists in the southern part of Raqqah province.

Government Forces Progress Against ISIS In Southern Raqqah Countryside (Map Update)
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