Ziad Fadel

الجيش يواصل تقدمه في ريف حمص الشرقي

Over 600,000 Syrian refugees have returned this year to their homeland and they are being placed back in their own towns, villages and cities whenever possible.  ISIS on the other hand is getting a clear message from their Almighty Deity of Death:  “quit this war or spend eternity in Hell.”  Well, they haven’t seen their Fearless Leader since that monumental moment of medieval malarkey when the imbecile climbed to the pulpit in the Al-Noori Mosque in Mosul and declared his Caliphate of Cockadoodledoo.  You’d think they got the message.  And they have.

Our reports over the last 5 days indicate a complete breakdown in command and control with mostly Iraqi officers from Saddam’s army executing scores of militants trying to get the bloody hell out, by any means.  Many had come to live with their families in the resplendence of the Caliph’s aura – to live a truly Islamic life devoid of all those sickening moral prohibitions – to carry out holy atrocities against all those who promote secularism and tolerance.  Today, they are not tolerated themselves and they’re hightailing it to the farthest hills in Siberia.


HOMS:  In a multi-pronged final offensive, the Syrian Army and its allies eradicated the last remnants of ISIS in this crucial town which acts as the doorway into Dayr El-Zor and Al-Raqqa.  The SAA’s superb engineering units are presently dismantling the very complex network of IEDs and mines laid down by the terrorists before their attempted escape.  My source in Damascus tells me that over 176 carcasses have now been counted with scores of rodents wounded and receiving treatment grudgingly by medics.  The estimated number of ISIS rats killed exceeds 200+ as of the last report.

The SAA is now pursuing any lucky rat who escaped.  I also was told that there was a last-ditch attempt yesterday to break the SAA’s siege of the city, but, that it failed miserably leaving many former Saddamist officers dead.

Al-Tarfaawi Town”  Totally liberated northeast of Abu ‘Alaayaa.  7 pickups with 23mm cannons were destroyed.

A nightly air drop of SAA special operations rangers 20 kms behind ISIS lines resulted in the liberation of Al-Kudayr Town, Khirbat Makmaan and Bi’r Al-Ruhoom.


AL-RAQQA:  The SAA has advanced to a point 2 kms away fro Al-Mi’daan which is the last village held by ISIS in this province.  In so doing, the SAA liberated Al-Numaysa, Al-Jaabir and Al-Khameesiyya.  The SAA’s High Command also invited all residents of Shannaan, Al-Sabkha and Jabali towns to return to their homes since liberation.



Jawzeen Town:  The SAA’s Air Defense Units downed 5 militarized drones.

Al-Dakeela Village:  To the East, 3 pickups armed with 23mm cannons were destroyed along with a surveillance drone.

‘Uqayrabaat – Al-Sukhna Road:  The RuAF wiped out an ISIS HQ, warehouse and a convoy of trucks heading towards it.

Palmyra Area:  At Ghuraab Hadla Mountain, the SAAF destroyed a warehouse, 3 prefabricated homes used as living quarters for rats, 2 trucks, 6 cars all belonging to ISIS and used as depots for supplies coming in from Iraq.


AL-SUWAYDAA` PROVINCE:  Now completely rat free.

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