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Syrian Army Liberated Key Humaymah Village From ISIS Near Iraqi Border

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On Sunday, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies recaptured the strategic Humaymah village from ISIS west of the T-2 station in the eastern Homs countryside near the Iraqi border, according to the  Hezbollah media wing in Syria. The SAA started removing IEDs and mines that had been planted by ISIS fighters in the village.

Moreover, the SAA capture several strategic positions east of al-Sha’aer mount in the eastern Homs countryside.

SAA artillery units killed several ISIS fighters, and destroyed many vehicles of ISIS east of Sukhnah town, and in al-Mushirfah al-Janubiah and Abu Qatur villages, according to the SAA.

On August 19, the ISIS-linked Amaq news agency claimed that ISIS fighters destroyed a bulldozer of the SAA near Humaymah village. Moreover, Amaq claimed that many Syrian soldiers were killed or injured after an ISIS VBIED attacked a SAA position around Humaymah.

In the eastern Hama countryside, the SAA captured al-Dukhilah al-Janubiah, al-Dukhilah al-Shimaliah, Um Hartian villages and several strategic heights south of Um Hartian village.

The SAA and its allies will launch a more powerful attack on ISIS positions in eastern Hama soon, according to pro-government sources.

Hezbollah and Syrian Army Storming Hmaime Town in Homs southeastern Countryside


Syrian army 222

August 20, 2017

Hezbollah Military Media Center circulated a video which shows how the Resistance fighters and the Syrian army units stormed Hmaime town in Homs southeastern countryside.

The video shows Hezbollah fighters and the Syrian army units striking some ISIL terrorists’ posts in the town before controlling them and confiscating the remnants of the takfiri militants.


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