Lebanese Servicemen Kidnapped by ISIL “Likely” Killed, Hezbollah Regains Corpses of Five Martyrs


Arsal Hezbollah Lebanon flag

In the context of carrying out the ceasefire agreement between Hezbollah and ISIL terrorist group in western Qalamoun, the fate of the Lebanese servicemen kidnapped by the takfiri militants was disclosed.

Lebanon General Security chief Abbas Ibrahim said that the Lebanese army and General Security units pulled out six corpses which “likely” belong to the servicemen, adding that DNA tests will be done to confirm this conclusion.

“Two more bodies were expected to be unearthed by the Lebanese army and General Security agency. We’re almost certain that these bodies belong to captive troops.”

Earlier, Hezbollah had regained the corpses of five martyrs from the terrorist group.

Source: Al-Manar Website


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