Lebanon Speaker Hails Army-Resistance Victory over ISIL in Northeastern Outskirts

August 30, 2017

Speaker Berri-1

Lebanon Speaker Nabih Berri on Wednesday congratulated on all the Lebanese on the victory achieved by the Army and the Resistance in northeastern outskirts, hailing the sacrifices of the martyrs.

During a speech commemorating 39th anniversary of disappearance of Amal Movement founder Imam Sayyed Moussa al-Sadr, Berri said that “Imam al-Sadr taught us that every aggression requires resistance… He made us realize that Israel’s terrorism on the southern border is the other real face of takfiri terrorism.”

Speaker Nabih Berri also called on Amal movement’s followers to attend the ceremony held by Hezbollah in Bekaa to celebrate the victory over ISIL terrorists in the northeastern outskirts.

On Lebanon-Syria ties, Berri maintained that the two countries are a strategic need for each other… Syria represents Lebanon’s only land route to the world… and we’re still seeking its help as a source for electricity. We have treaties and agreements with it and we need to build a partnership the same as we did with Egypt.

On the abduction of Imam Sadr, Berri said that together with the media committee and the imam’s family, “we are mulling steps related to international law that are aimed at preserving the cause… The Imam and his two companions are still alive and should be liberated and there is no place for despair.”

“We call on the competent authorities in Lebanon, Libya and the Arab League to offer all the support needed to the committee following up on the case of Imam al-Sadr.”

Source: Al-Manar Website


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