Syrian Army Advancing towards Deir Ezzor, Drives ISIL out of Key Positions

clashes near Deir Ezzor airbase
The Syrian army battled ISIL on the edges of Deir Ezzor Monday, seeking to break the siege of a government enclave and oust the extremists from a key stronghold.
The Russian Defense Ministry said that the Syrian army is advancing toward the besieged city of Deir Ezzor with the assistance of the Russian aviation.
The Syrian government forces have driven ISIL terrorists out of strategic positions on the Palmyra-Deir Ezzor highway, the Russian Defense Ministry said.
“Syrian army’s units conducting the offensive from the direction of as-Sukhnah [city in the Raqqa province], have driven ISIL terrorists out from positions they had controlled on the highway from Palmyra to Deir Ezzor.”
The ministry added that the Syrian Armed Force’s group conducting the operation to free Deir Ezzor has advanced 8 kilometers over the past 24 hours and captured 2 strategic heights in the region.
“Two tanks, three infantry fighting vehicles, over 10 off-road vehicles equipped with heavy arms have been destroyed as a result of the [Russian] airstrikes. Terrorists lost a total of 70 fighters who were killed or injured,” the Russian ministry said.
The Russian Defense Ministry said that the victory over ISIL terrorists in Deir Ezzor and the lifting of the city’s siege “will become the strategic loss of the international terrorist group in the Syrian Arab Republic.”
Provincial governor Mohamed Ibrahim Samra, quoted by state news agency SANA, said besieged residents were already celebrating as the army neared.
“Yesterday Deir Ezzor city saw celebrations and rejoicing among all segments of society ahead of the expected victory with the advance of the Syrian Arab Army to the outskirts of the besieged city,” he said.




Government forces have lifted a 3-years long ISIS siege from the city of Deir Ezzor, according to pro-government sources.

Last weekend, government forces, led by the SAA Tiger Forces and supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces, recaptured a large area including Bir Ghabaghib and al-Shula villages. On Monday, government troops reportedly reached the 137 Regiment area in western Deir Ezzor and met with Republican Guard units there.

If it’s confirmed, the next SAA goal will be to establish a full control over the Sukhna-Deir Ezzor highway and to liberate the entire city.

ISIS responded to the SAA advance with launching multiple attacks against government forces positions inside the city. Separately, the terrorist group deployed large reinforcements to al-Mayadeen preparing for a large attack in the Deir Ezzor area.

The only ISIS chance to counter the SAA advance is to bring off a successful battle using prepared fortifications inside and around Deir Ezzor and to conduct multiple raids against SAA supply lines using car bombs and technicals.

In other cases, ISIS days in Deir Ezzor city are numbered.

In eastern Hama, the SAA and its allies liberated the key town of Uqayribat and some nearby points after a series of intense clashes with ISIS terrorists. Now, government forces are working to clear the entire pocket.

The Syrian military has deployed at least one Russian TOS-1 heavy flamethrower system in order to strengthen the defense of Aleppo city.

The military is actively preparing for possible attacks of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) and its allies from the so-called moderate opposition.

The SAA is now deeply involved in a large-scale anti-ISIS operation in Deir Ezzor province. Hayat Tahrir al-Sham may use this for launching an attack against government forces at some front in the province of Aleppo or Hama.


BREAKING: Syrian Army liberates last town before Deir Ezzor city

 BEIRUT, LEBANON (7:35 P.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has reportedly liberated the last town that stands between besieged pro-government forces in Deir Ezzor and eastbound army relief forces attempting to lift the siege on the city.

Several hours ago, reports came in that the strategic crossroad town of Ash-Shula was liberated, bringing vanguard SAA units advancing along the M20 highway to within 25 kilometers of the Panorama area.

Despite numerous reports that Ash-Shula was secured yesterday, this was actually not the case as the Tiger Forces troops who advanced on it decided to set up positions on the northern outskirts of the town and not enter into it.

Whilst it is currently unconfirmed which Syrian Army unit liberated Ash-Shula, with the possibilities being either the Tiger Forces of the 5th Assault Corps, it is most likely the case that it was the former (Tiger Forces) who in fact secured the town since they were the closest to it following yesterday’s advances.


On Monday, ISIS terrorists retreated from 4 more villages in the eastern Hama countryside under the pressure of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). As a result of this, government troops Mas’oud, Tawbiyah, Marami and Um Ramal and secured these areas.

Last weekend, the SAA liberated the town of Uqayribat from ISIS and the terrorist group’s defense collapsed in eastern Hama.

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