Abby Martin “Exposes” Zionism & israel

Abby Martin “Exposes” Zionism & Israel

Abby Martin goes on about the crimes of Israel and Zionists, which is commendable. However, she can’t figure out why the United States gives billions of dollars in foreign aid to Israel — Go to 9:00 to hear her being ‘confused’.


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  1. Dear Abby. you look marvelous, but I was very astonished/disappointed to hear the bunch of lies that you tell in your interview. It is a must that you tell your spectators the story’s history. Do you know why 4 million Arabs are refugees and they are under Israeli occupation? In 1948 Israel was attacked by the Arabs. All 8 states that participated the war were beaten by Israel and parts of the land of Israel was freed. Then, 20 years passed not under Israeli occupation and/or any other way of control by Israel. What did the Arabs do, for themselves, in this time? Nothing. Then, in 1967, 3 Arab countries attacked Israel. why? because they hate Jews. they were defeated. Only since then Israel, is occupying parts of the Arab countries. But, don’t get wrong. The West Bank (Palestine) never was a state. The Palestinian has no rights to claim it. Only the original owner, Jordan, can claim it. Funny enough-they never did. Why? because they don’t want the Palestinians under their rule. Your interview is loaded with lies. The reason is that you start every description in the point that suits you. The audiences are un alphabetic. They believe you, partially because of your beauty, but you pull them in their noses. You just lie to them the lies that they want to hear. You claim that Israel should be established somewhere else than Israel. Maybe Aussie. You don’t know the history of the Jews. So, you blindly support the Arabs. Did you ever hear that Israelis entered Palestine to kill old women? I can tell you that 3 youngsters tried to stab 83 and 85 years old women. This is the education and behavior of your preferred people. well, I have a lot to write but it time-consuming. So let’s meet on your next trip to visit your preferred people. And, the refugees stand still because their brothers/leaders want them to stay as such in order to blame Israel for everything. All refugees in the world were settled in their countries. Even in Israel itself, there are no Arab refugees, because Israel settled them and they are happy to live in Israel under Israeli rule.Please make your mind.

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