A Question for Britain and America regarding the State of israel

A Question for Britain and America regarding the State of Israel

By Anthony Bellchambers,

Palestinian Christians and Muslims constituted 90% of the population of Palestine in 1920, prior to the 3rd wave of Jewish Immigration, under the post-first World War, British Mandate. This, in a region where the Palestinian Arab had been the majority indigenous people, and where there had been only a minority Jewish presence, for over a thousand years.

There are now 4.75 million Palestinians living in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip together with 1.75 in Israel itself i.e. a total population of 6.5m indigenous people. However, there are now also 600,000 Israeli settlers illegally living in the Occupied Territories in defiance of UN Resolution 2334 and in clear defiance of international law.

Astonishingly, both the US Trump administration and the UK Conservative government continue to arm and support the extremist Right-wing, Netanyahu Likud coalition that authorises and subsidises the illegal settlements in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights.

This unholy alliance between Netanyahu, Donald Trump and Theresa May flies in the face of international law, justice, human rights and the tenets of democracy, and in violation of the will of the United Nations General Assembly.

The question is: why support an anti-democratic regime that has maintained an blockade of essential goods against 500,000 civilian families in Gaza, for now 10 years, and which continues its illegal occupation of the Palestinian Territories in deliberate violation of the Geneva Conventions on Human Rights? 

Is the fact that Israel is an undeclared nuclear-weapons state that is uniquely not bound by the Non-Proliferation Treaty or subject to IAEA inspection, the influencing factor?  And is this contempt for international law and the United Nations not of specific detriment to that majority who live, not in Israel, but in the worldwide Diaspora?

Featured image is from The Ugly Truth.

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