Saudi Role in Kurdistan Crisis Revealed: Report

October 23, 2017

Saudi King

The British writer, David Hearst, revealed a Zionist-Saudi attempt to employ the Kurds in curbing the ‘Iranian influence’ in the region, tackling a number of indicators which stress the failure of this scheme.

Hearst noted that although ‘Israel’ did consider the PKK a terrorist group, Yair Golan, a former deputy chief of the Israeli army, told a conference in Washington that he personally did not. “When you look at Iran in the east, when you look at the instability in the region, a stable and unified Kurdish entity in the middle of this swamp is not a bad idea.”

In this context, the British writers said that for public consumption, Saudi King Salman stood four square behind the unity of Iraq.

“Behind the scenes the Royal Court dispatched a series of emissaries to encourage Barzani in his project to split the Iraqi state and question the territorial integrity of Turkey and Iran.”

“A secret visit by the Saudi minister for Gulf affairs, Thamer al-Sabhan, to Raqqa in Syria raised eyebrows.”

SourceMiddle East Eye

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