Hamas Says Arms Red Line, Calls for Establishing Committee to Oversee Reconciliation

Member of Hamas’ politburo, Khalil Al-Haye

Member of Hamas’ politburo, Khalil Al-Haye called for establishing a national committee to oversee implementing reconciliation deal  between Palestinian factions, as he accused some sides of turning over the agreement reached in the Egyptian capital earlier.

During a press conference held by the Palestinian resistance movement in Gaza on Monday, Al-Haye stressed that the issue of the group’s weapons is a red line, calling on other Palestinian sides to refrain from tackling the matter.

Meanwhile, the Hamas official pointed out that the employees appointed by the resistance group is a national issue, stressing importance of paying their salaries by the Palestinian Authority which is controlled by rival Fatah group.

On the other hand, Al-Haye said Hamas doesn’t repent of clinching reconciliation deal, but noted that the resistance movement also doesn’t accept that others “twist its arm”, referring to Fatah.

Al-Haye addressed Fatah officials as saying: “We won’t accept to return back to square one…. Our people have sacrificed and we can solve problems.”

In this context, the Hamas official called on Egypt to play its role in securing the regional cover to implement the reconciliation deal.

SourcePalestinian media

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