israeli settlers (jewish terrorists), soldiers raid Nablus-area school, injure Palestinian students

Israeli settlers, soldiers raid Nablus-area school, injure Palestinian students

Palestine Information Center – December 28, 2017

NABLUS – A Palestinian school student suffered a rubber bullet injury on Thursday morning after Israeli soldiers stormed Burin town in Nablus to provide protection for extremist Jewish settlers, who infiltrated into the town and clashed with local residents.

Eyewitnesses explained the Palestinian Information Center that at first, a horde of violent settlers entered the town and encircled the school of Burin before attempting to storm it to attack students and teachers, who were busy doing semester exams.

The settlers also caused damage to three parked cars outside the school, and brutalized and detained several teachers on the main road of the town.

Soon later, local residents rushed to the school to fend off the settlers and clashed with them before soldiers showed up and started to fire volleys of tear gas as well as rubber and live bullets randomly to protect the settlers.

Consequently, one student was injured and several others inside and outside the school suffered from their exposure to teargas fumes.

The administration of the school also had to postpone the exams and dismiss the students following the events.

In a separate incident, a large number of Israeli soldiers stormed Rujeib town, southeast of Nablus, amid intensive shooting of tear gas and stun grenades near homes.

Eyewitnesses reported that the soldiers detained some students on the streets of the town for a while and searched them before letting them go.

The soldiers also clashed with local young men during their campaign in the town and withdrew without making arrests.

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