Syrian Kids on Talent Show: Is the US Planning to Steal One-Third of Their Country?

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[ Ed. note – Yesterday I posted an article from Sputnik about a report suggesting that the US is now pursuing a new strategy, one aimed at establishing a 28,000-square-kilometer Kurdish enclave in eastern Syria. The area is said to be three times the size of Lebanon.

The report, according to Sputnik, is based on an article that appeared in Asharq al-Awsat. The latter is an international newspaper based in London but which reportedly has ties to the Saudi government–so the story may be fictitious, or at least questionable. But Sputnik, at any rate, gave it enough credence to post an article about it, and indeed what the report says–regarding US moves toward “diplomatically recognizing” a Kurdish-controlled area east of the Euphrates–seems entirely consistent with past US behavior…and Sputnik’s report on the matter included the map you see below:

The yellow area shows territory which, as of late 2017, was de facto controlled by Kurdish forces and their allies. The red outlines the part of the country remaining under Syrian government control. As you can see, the yellow area comprises roughly a third of the country, perhaps a little more. The news that the US is moving to “diplomatically recognize” the Kurdish area–if in fact the report is true–suggests that it is planning on setting up a Kurdish state. The establishment of a “Kurdistan” in the Middle East, as Sarah Abed has reported, would be seen by some as the establishment of a “second Israel.”

In my post of yesterday I commented that the partitioning of the country in this manner would be “an affront to the sacrifices made by the brave Syrians who fought and died for their country.” I got up early this morning and decided to see if I could find anything about the report on SANA, the Syrian Arab News Agency. I didn’t find anything on it. But what I did find was an article about a group of Syrian children competing on “Voice Kids,“–apparently a reality-type talent show showcasing children that appears on TV in a number of countries (I don’t watch TV, so I tend not to keep up with these things).

Below is the article from SANA about the talented Syrian kids who have been selected to appear on the show–and beneath that a video of a Voice Kids segment that I found on YouTube and which in fact features one of the Syrian children singing. The song she sings is a plea for peace. “My land is small. Small like me. Give us peace,” she sings. The words, the entire performance really, is/are incredibly powerful. The song is entitled, “Give Us Our Childhood.”

These are talented children quite obviously–children who, we can presume, have had their entire childhoods stolen from them by the US with its evil, nefarious regime-change designs. Setting up a Kurdish state in eastern Syria serves no US interest. The only interest is serves is Israel’s.

US: Get Out of Syria!


13 Syrian Children Take Center Stage in Voice Kids Season 2


Damascus, SANA – 13 Syrian children have made their way to the second stage of the Voice Kids show in its second edition after they stunned the audience, viewers and judges with their adorable and talented performance in the blind auditions.

The Syrian children have been chosen among other 45 children from several Arab countries to move to the next round (battle stage).

The show’s panel consists of three Arab stars: Kazem al-Saher, Nancy Ajram and Tamer Hosny.

Ajram took the biggest share of Syrian talents, as her team included the 9-year old kids: Jessica Gharbi, Yaeel al-Qasem and Obai al-Fares, Komay Gharz Eddin (13 years old), Zain Ammar (10 years old), the twin Khaled & Abed al-Merhi (11 years old) and Taha Mohsen (12 years old).

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The US has already stolen their childhood. If it pursues this devious quest at setting up a Kurdish state in eastern Syria, it will effectively also be stealing one-third of their homeland. That in a nutshell is what it comes down to.

From the video description: “Syrian child brings judges and audience to tears singing ‘Give Us Our Childhood’”

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