«Israel» Anxious, Preparing for Hezbollah’s Borkan Canon

18-01-2018 | 15:39

Out of fear of Hezbollah’s growing power, the “Israeli” entity is in search for a solution to the Resistance groups Borkan [Volcano] mortar shells.

Hezbollah fighter

The “Israeli” entity assured its public that it was able to neutralize the threat arising from Hamas’ underground tunnels through which the Palestinian resistance group carries out its heroic operations against the apartheid “Israeli” regime.

However, for the “Israeli” military establishment, Hezbollah poses another threat which it has yet to find a solution for, let alone the group’s growing experience and military arsenal.

While trying to solve the tunnel situation, the “Israeli” entity spend an estimated a total of about NIS 3 billion for building what it called the underground obstacle being built around the 65-kilometer border fence, in addition to around NIS 1.2 billion for classified technological solution.

The so-called Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories Major-General Yoav Mordechai said Sunday that the solution to the tunnel problem which seemed intractable only three-and-a-half years ago are impressive on a global scale, adding that the required resources had been allotted for the implementation of the solution.

For now, military officials in the “Israeli” entity are urging for preparation for what they called the next threat, Hezbollah’s heavyweight Borkan mortar shells.

The Borkan mortar shells have a range of about 5 kilometers but can carry 200 to 500 kilograms of lethal explosives. They could cause enormous damage to bases and communities within that range.

Accordingly, the military establishment in the apartheid entity finds it of utmost importance to deal with this threat now rather than wait for the next war and the report that will follow.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team

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