Hezbollah Categorically Rejects Insulting Statements against House Speaker Nabih Berri

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Commenting on the leaked remarks made by the Lebanese Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil, Hezbollah issued on Monday a statement in which it categorically rejected the insulting statements against House Speaker Nabih Berri and stressed the party’s great appreciation respect, always reiterated by SG Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah’s speeches, for his personality and status.

The statement added that Hezbollah rejects any insulting remark against Speaker Berri whoever its source is.

This rhetoric cannot build a country or lead to reform, but it creates more crises, causes rifts and endangers the entire situation of the country, according to the statement.

Hezbollah finally called for a quick handling of this situation with the highest degree of wisdom and responsibility.

Source: Hezbollah Media Relations

Supreme Islamic Shia Council in Lebanon Says Speaker Berri “Major National Figure”, Targeting Him Stirs Sedition

January 29, 2018

Speaker Nabih Berri

The Supreme Islamic Shia Council in Lebanon stressed on Monday that the House Speaker Nabih Berri is a major national figure who seeks unity and solidarity among all the Lebanese and that targeting him stirs sedition for the sake of personal interests.

Amal Movement’s presidential committee on Monday held an urgent meeting, after which it issued the following statement:

“The circulating statement of the Free Patriotic Movement’s head bears dangerous aspects that threaten the country’s unity, stability, and security; it is an open invitation to strife which shall torpedo everything that has been achieved in the county, reminding us of the gruesome ‘Liberation and Termination’ war, which only brought miseries to Lebanon.

The presidential committee of Amal Movement calls upon those concerned, to restrain the fiery and the delusional before it is too late!”

Source: Al-Manar Website and NNA

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