Exclusive: Syrian Army spy returns home after years inside FSA high command

Ahmad Al-Shamali pictured with the Syrian Air Force Intelligence chief Wafiq Nasser in Hama.
 BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:40 A.M.) – It has been a long journey for Ahmad Al-Shamali, as he spent the majority of the war inside the Free Syrian Army’s (FSA) high command.

According to a military source in Damascus, Ahmad Al-Shamali officially completed his espionage mission on behalf of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) this month.

Shamali was one of the highest ranking commanders in Jaysh Al-Nasr, often leading this Free Syrian Army faction into battle against the Syrian Arab Army in the Hama Governorate.

However, with the Syrian Army concluding their military operations in Idlib, Shamali was given the green light to abandon Jaysh Al-Nasr and return to government lines.

In the images below, Shamali is first photographed as a member of Jaysh Al-Nasr and then pictured again with the Syrian Air Force Intelligence chief, Wafiq Nasser, after his return to government lines:

Ahmad Al-Shamali during his time as the leader of Jaysh Al-Nasr.
Ahmad Al-Shamali pictured with the Syrian Air Force Intelligence chief Wafiq Nasser in Hama.

My Contribution to Antisemitsm in 2017

February 25, 2018  /  Gilad Atzmon


According to the annual report of the Swiss Jewish Lobby CICAD, 2017 brought along 150 “acts of anti-Semitism.”*  Apparently yours truly is responsible for 2 incidents  (published by lapravda.ch.)

The Swiss Jewish lobby CICAD didn’t approve of the following:

1) “The shift from total sinner into the new messiah figure was certainly rapid for serial predator Weinstein. But this shouldn’t take us by surprise. Weinstein’s regard for himself as a ‘martyr for social change’ is consistent with Tikun Olam – the misguided Jewish belief that it is down to the Jews to  repair the world.”

2) in reference to history operating as a collective suppression of shame I  said that  “the Americans conceal slavery and imperial genocidal aggression, the Brits conceal their colonial blunders, the Jews turn their eyes away from anything that may have contributed to turning  Jewish history into an extended shoah.”


I promise to improve my record in 2018!

If they want to burn it , you want to read it..

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Fascinating Interview on Syria–former British Diplomat Alastair Crooke

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Crooke obviously is quite knowledgeable on the subject of Syria. The interview, a rather “must-see” one from my point of view, was posted Friday. Latest news today–we seem to have another false flag chlorine gas attack that the mainstream media are blaming on the Syrian government. (More details below).

One child dead after suspected chlorine gas attack from Syrian government, reads the headline over a Reuters story published six hours ago at Business Insider. The article reports on “an enormous explosion” which took place on Sunday in East Ghouta, leaving “several people” suffering from “symptoms consistent with exposure to chlorine gas.” The article is accompanied by a photo of a “civil defense member” purportedly carrying a “damaged canister,” and you can also go here to see a video featuring the latest propaganda images disseminated by the White Helmets.

You’ll notice in the conversation above (starting at about 6 minutes into the video) the discussion comes around to the subject of Israel and the shoot-down by Syrian forces of an Israeli plane earlier this month. In Crooke’s analysis of the event he speculates that Putin delivered a “strategically huge” message to Netanyahu during a phone call between the two men: that Israel will no longer be able to enjoy air supremacy in the region. It’s a rather fascinating analysis, and to hear words like this from a former British career diplomat is interesting to say the least.

Perhaps not surprisingly, then, the following is being reported today by RT:

Russian 5th-gen fighter deployed to Syria for radar test, latest leaked details claim

New details have emerged on the deployment of Russia’s most-advanced fighter jets to Syria. The state-of-the-art Su-57s are in the region to test their electronic warfare and radar capabilities, an insider has said.

Last week, the Russian Defense Ministry reportedly moved four Su-57s, which have been built for trials, to Khmeimim Airbase in Syria. The deployment was seemingly confirmed by Israeli satellite images and footage taken from the ground, but neither the Russian military nor the producer of the advanced warplane would comment on the move.

The article (read it in full here ) goes on to report that “the advanced fighter jets were deployed to Syria less than two weeks after US forces attacked and devastated a group of pro-government forces, which included some Russian citizens.”


South Front

On February 27, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Republican Guard (RG) achieved a notable progress in their battle against Ahrar al-Sham and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) in the Ajami district of Damascus’ Eastern Ghouta, according to pro-government sources.

The SAA and the RG reportedly broke the militants’ defense there and captured almost entire area. According to reports, Ahrar al-Sham and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham remained in control of only few buildings there. However, intense fighting in the area is ongoing and the situation can change soon.

If government forces establish control over the  entire district of Ajami, they will increase security of the SAA’s positions in the Armoured Vehicles Base.

The advance in Ajami will also increase pressure on positions of Ahrar al-Sham and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham in the militant-held part of the Harasta, north of the Armoured Vehicles Base.

Airstrikes on militant positions in Eastern Ghouta:

Syrian Army launches night assault in East Ghouta

BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:25 P.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) launched a night assault in the East Ghouta region, targeting the town of Utaya near recently captured Al-Nashabiyah.

Led by the Tiger Forces and 4th Division, the Syrian Arab Army stormed the area located between the towns of Al-Salihiyah and Utaya in a bid to gain the upper-hand against the Islamist rebels of Jaysh Al-Islam.

 No gains have been reported thus far.

With the Russian sponsored ceasefire taking place each day between the hours of 9:00 A.M. – 2:00 P.M. (Damascus Time), the Syrian Army has resorted to early morning and late night attacks against the Islamist rebels.

Regardless of the time of day, the Syrian Army has been forced to adopt similar tactics to their previous offensive at the Al-Malaah Farms in northern Aleppo.

This change in tactics is due to the fact that Jaysh Al-Islam has heavily fortified this part of the East Ghouta, making it difficult for the Syrian Army to make substantial gains.

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Syrian Ambassador Addresses UN Security Council

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The above video is an address by Syrian Ambassador Bashar Ja’afari to the UN Security Council after the council–yesterday– unanimously adopted a resolution calling for a 30-day ceasefire in Syria. During the ambassador’s remarks Nikki Haley got up and walked out, apparently unwilling to listen to anything he had to say.

In his address, Ja’afari discusses Syrian casualties in Damascus due to shelling from terrorist-held East Ghouta. He lambasts the US and other countries for supporting the so-called “moderate rebels” who have killed Syrian civilians, and he stakes a claim to the right of Syria to resist US occupation:

“According to the article 51 of the Charter, my country has the right to defend itself with all legal tools. There is a military presence, a colonial presence, a US presence, in our country and we have the right to respond to that. She (Haley) threatened us and we’re threatening her from this rostrum because we have the right to defend ourselves according to article 51 of the Charter.”

He also makes a good point: that whenever ceasefires have been agreed upon in the past, the terrorist factions have used the ceasefires as an opportunity to regroup and re-arm. Perhaps they will do so this time as well, although apparently the groups occupying Ghouta don’t, at least for now–despite yesterday’s UN vote–seem to be laying down their weapons. The following is reported by RT:

Jihadists in control of East Ghouta are “deliberately exacerbating” the humanitarian crisis in the Damascus suburb, hindering all government attempts to help civilians, according to the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria.

“The humanitarian, social and economic situation in Eastern Ghouta is deliberately exacerbated by the leaders of the al-Islam, Failak Ar-Rahman and Jabhat al-Nusra illegal armed groups,” Maj. Gen. Yuri Yevtushenko said on Saturday. “All attempts by the government of the Syrian Arab Republic to provide assistance to civilians in the Eastern Ghouta region are blocked by militants.”

The Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria specifically noted that Jeyish al-Islam militants continue to terrorize the local population and prevent civilians from leaving the militant-controlled areas by blocking a humanitarian corridor near Muhayam al-Waffedin.

Over the last 24 hours, the militants in control of the suburb of East Ghouta detonated 27 mines and fired two missiles into residential areas of Damascus. One of the rockets hit a house in Rukn ad-Din district of the Syrian capital. “There is significant destruction and casualties among civilians,” Yevtushenko said. “Over 24 hours, a total of four civilians were killed and 51 more were injured.”

The Russian military accused the terrorists of deliberately subverting the negotiation progress and attempting to provoke government forces to respond.

«حجّ» خليجي إلى البيت الأبيض: «تبويس لحى» ببركة ترامب؟

أظهر دونالد ترامب، في بدايات الأزمة، انحيازاً واضحاً ضد قطر (أ ف ب)
يستضيف الرئيس دونالد ترامب في الفترة القصيرة المقبلة، الزعماء الخليجيين كلاً على حدة، في محاولة لتعبيد الطريق أمام القمة الأميركية – الخليجية التي يفترض أن تنعقد الربيع المقبل. محاولة لا يبدو أنها ستؤدي، حتى في حال نجاحها، إلى حسم الخلاف وانطواء صفحته، بالنظر إلى التركيز الأميركي على بعد واحد لا يخلو من الزيف، واستمرار التناوش بين «الأشقاء» على الجبهات كافة
يستعد زعماء الخليج لـ«الحجّ» إلى الولايات المتحدة الأميركية، تباعاً، في شهرَي آذار/ مارس ونيسان/ أبريل المقبلين، للتباحث في إمكانية انعقاد القمة الأميركية – الخليجية التي أضحت تقليداً سنوياً، منذ انعقاد أول لقاء من هذا النوع في منتجع كامب ديفيد الرئاسي الأميركي عام 2015، إبان عهد الرئيس السابق، باراك أوباما.
وفيما لا يزال من غير الواضح ما إذا كانت تلك المباحثات المرتقبة ستسفر عن انعقاد القمة بنسختها الرابعة بعد القمة الأخيرة التي انعقدت في العاصمة السعودية الرياض في أيار/ مايو الماضي، يبدو أن كلاً من طرفي الأزمة الخليجية يستعد لتجميع أكبر عدد ممكن من أوراق القوة في جعبته، والتوجه بها إلى البيت الأبيض، أملاً في تعزيز محاولاته اجتذاب الحبل الأميركي إلى جانبه، في وقت لا تُظهر فيه واشنطن عزماً على حسم الخلاف لصالح أي من حلفائها.
وفقاً للمعلومات التي أدلى بها مسؤولون أميركيون كبار قبل يومين، فإن أول الواصلين إلى ضيافة الرئيس دونالد ترامب سيكون ولي العهد السعودي، محمد بن سلمان، منتصف آذار، يليه ولي عهد أبو ظبي، محمد بن زايد، بعد يومين، ثم يتبعهما أمير قطر، تميم بن حمد آل ثاني، في نيسان. لقاءات تأمل الولايات المتحدة، بحسب ما ذكر أحد المسؤولين المشار إليهم، أن تسفر عن «حل الخلاف قبل القمة» المفترض انعقادها في واشنطن أواخر الربيع، «للسماح بتركيز أكبر على الشؤون الاستراتيجية الأخرى مثل إيران». هذا الهدف يكاد التشديد عليه يكون جامعاً لكل التصريحات الأميركية بشأن الأزمة الخليجية، التي يبدو أن رؤية وزارتي الخارجية والدفاع لحيثياتها وكيفية التعامل معها تركت تأثيرها على البيت الأبيض، الذي بات «أكثر اعتدالاً وتوازناً» في إدارة الخلاف، بعدما أظهر في بداياتِه انحيازاً واضحاً ضد قطر. 
 هل يعني ذلك أن الإدارة الأميركية ستنجح في لمّ شمل حلفائها؟ يوحي التركيز الدائم على ملف «مكافحة الإرهاب» دون سواه، وتشجيع الولايات المتحدة قطر على اتخاذ خطوات «أكثر تقدماً» في هذا المجال، ومكافأتها إياها على «الطاعة» بسلسلة اتفاقيات تم توقيعها خلال «الحوار الاستراتيجي الأميركي – القطري» الذي انعقد أواخر كانون الثاني/ يناير الماضي، بأن واشنطن قد تنجح في جمع القادة الخليجيين تحت هذه اللافتة، بغرض الخروج بمشهد «توافقي» على «تعزيز فاعليتنا على الكثير من الجبهات» (على حد تعبير وزير الدفاع جيمس ماتيس)، وهو مشهد بإمكان أي من طرفي الأزمة ادعاؤه انتصاراً له. تُعزّز الاحتمال المتقدم التصريحات الأخيرة الصادرة عن المسؤولين الخليجيين والتي يتقدمها اثنان: أولهما لوزير الخارجية القطري، محمد بن عبد الرحمن آل ثاني، أعلن فيه استعداد بلاده للمشاركة في القمة الأميركية – الخليجية، معرباً عن اعتقاده بأن «الوضع سيكون تحت السيطرة في النهاية»، مشدداً على أن «قطر لا تدخر جهداً في مكافحة الإرهاب، ويمكن لجميع الدول أن تفعل المزيد». وثانيهما لوزير الدولة للشؤون الخارجية الإماراتي، أنور قرقاش، الذي اعتبر، قبل أيام، أن «لدول المقاطعة الفضل في التنازلات القطرية لواشنطن في ملف تمويل الإرهاب»، مؤكداً أن تلك الدول «ستستمر في ضغطها لتكسب تنازلات إضافية ضد التطرف والإرهاب، حتى وإن جاء الحصاد عبر عواصم أخرى».
لكن هذا الستار الذي يتلطى خلفه جميع المعنيين بالأزمة، لا يخفي حقيقة أن للخلاف بين «الأشقاء» الخليجيين أبعاداً سياسية أخرى، قد لا تكون الإدارة الأميركية راهناً معنية بالعمل على معالجتها، فضلاً عن أن إمكانية توصل الوسطاء المحليين (الكويت مثلاً) إلى تسوية بشأنها تبدو ضعيفة أكثر من أي وقت مضى. من هنا، فإن احتمال تحقق مصالحة بينية مماثلة لما شهده عام 2014 عقب أزمة سحب السفراء يبقى في مستوى الهشاشة أقله على المدى المنظور، لتتقدم احتمالات أخرى (ليس من بينها التصعيد العسكري)، فحواها استمرار دول المقاطعة في محاولة تقويض النظام القطري مع ادعائها خلاف ذلك في العلن، وإصرارها على هامشية «القضية القطرية» (قال وزير الخارجية السعودي، عادل الجبير، الأسبوع الماضي، في بروكسل، إن «قطر قضية صغيرة أمام الملفات الهامة في المنطقة»)، ومحاولتها تكريس هذا الوضع وإرساء تطبيع إقليمي ودولي معه، وفي المقابل مواصلة قطر مساعيها إلى كسر تلك المحاولات عبر تمسكها بخوض الحرب الإعلامية والدعائية والدبلوماسية إلى منتهاها.
ما يدعّم الاحتمالات المتقدمة عدة مؤشرات صادرة من كلا المعسكرين لعل أهمّها اثنان: الأول أن عواصم المقاطعة عاودت محاولاتها إنتاج بديل سياسي لـ«نظام الحمدين»، بعد فشل تجربتها الأولى مع الشيخ عبد الله بن علي آل ثاني، الذي انتهى به مسار التعويم «البائس» إلى ظهوره محتجزاً في أبو ظبي وممنوعاً من الحركة. وما جديد السعودية والإمارات على هذا الصعيد إلا استضافتهما لشخص ثانٍ من العائلة القطرية الحاكمة يدعى سلطان بن سحيم آل ثاني (ابن شقيق أمير قطر السابق، خليفة بن حمد آل ثاني)، كان أول من التقاه – علناً – الملك السعودي، سلمان بن عبد العزيز، خلال الحفل الختامي لـ«مهرجان الملك عبد العزيز للإبل 2018»، قبل أن يحضر جنباً إلى جنبه افتتاح «مهرجان الجنادرية 32»، ليتوجه عقب ذلك إلى البحرين حيث التقى ملكها، حمد بن عيسى، ومنها إلى الإمارات حيث اجتمع بولي عهد أبو ظبي، محمد بن زايد (تداولت وسائل الإعلام القطرية تسجيلاً منسوباً لوالدة سلطان، تحرّض فيه أحد الأشخاص على الانضمام إلى نجلها في تدبير انقلاب على الحكم). وعلى الضفة المقابلة، برزت دعوة أمير قطر، خلال «مؤتمر ميونيخ»، إلى «اتفاقية أمنية جامعة في الشرق الأوسط»، وهو ما رأت فيه دول المقاطعة «دعوة من لاعب ثانوي… ومشروعاً مضاداً لاستعادة العرب لفضائهم، ومتناقضاً مع التوجه الأميركي اتجاه طهران».

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   

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NATO is Turning Europe into a Battlefield against Russia


Italy’s Election Campaign. NATO has already Voted Before Us

There is a party that, even if it does not appear, takes part in the Italian elections: the NATO Party. It is formed by a transversal majority, that explicitly or tacitly supports Italy’s membership of the Great Alliance under U.S. command.

This explains why, at the height of the electoral campaign, the main parties tacitly accepted the additional commitments undertaken by the government in the meeting of 29 Nato ministers of Defence (for Italy Roberta Pinotti), on 14-15 February in Brussels.

The ministers first participated in the Nato Nuclear Planning Group, chaired by the United States, whose decisions are always top secret.

Then the ministers met at the level of North Atlantic Council. Just two hours later, they announced important decisions (already taken elsewhere) to “modernise the NATO Command Structure, the backbone of our Alliance”.

A new Joint Force Command for the Atlantic will be set up, probably located in the United States, in order to “protect sea lines of communication between North America and Europe”. Thus they invented the scenario of Russian submarines that could sink merchant ships on transatlantic routes.

A new Command for logistics will be set up, probably located in Germany, to “improve the movement in Europe of troops and equipment essential to our collective defense”. Thus they invented the scenario of a NATO forced to defend itself from an aggressive Russia. On the contrary, it is NATO that aggressively deploys its military forces along the border with Russia. Additional land component commands will be established in Europe to “further improve coordination and rapid response for our forces”.

NATO will also set up a new Cyber ​​Operations Centre to “further strengthen our defenses”. It will be located at the headquarters of Mons (Belgium), headed by the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, who always is a U.S. General appointed by the President of the United States.

The ministers confirmed their commitment to increase military spending. Over the last three years, the European allies and Canada ncreased it by a total of $ 46 billion, but it is just the beginning. The goal is that every member country reaches at least 2% of the GDP (the US spend 4%), so as to have “more cash and therefore more military capabilities”.

The European countries that have so far reached and exceeded this quota are: Greece (2.32%), Estonia, Great Britain, Romania, Poland. The military spending of the European Union must be complementary to that of NATO. This was reiterated in a meeting with the EU foreign representative Federica Mogherini

Minister Pinotti confirmed that “Italy, respecting U.S. demand, has begun to increase spending for Defence” and that “we will continue on this road that is a road of responsibility”.

The way is therefore traced. But this is not talked about in the electoral campaign. While on Italy’s membership of the European Union the main parties have different positions, on the belonging of Italy to NATO are practically unanimous. This distorts the whole scenario.

We cannot discuss about the European Union while ignoring that 21 out of the 27 EU countries (after Brexit), with about 90% of the population of the Union, are members of NATO under U.S. command.

We cannot ignore the political and military consequences – as well as the economic, social and cultural ramifications of the fact that NATO is turning Europe into a battlefield against Russia, depicted as a threatening enemy: the new “empire of evil” attacking “the greatest democracy in the world” from the inside with its army of trolls.

Article in italiano :

Ha già votato la Nato prima di noi

ilmanifesto.it, 20 February 2018


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