Video Shows White Helmets Members Working Under al-Qaeda Flag In Syria – Confirms Previous Reports


By Brandon Turbeville

After being given an Oscar in 2017 for the film The White Helmets, a nauseating worship fest of the terrorists masquerading as rescue workers and civil defense in Syria, the mainstream media and the entertainment industrial complex is at it again. This time, a new film entitled, Last Men In Aleppo, has received yet another Oscar nomination for the White Helmets. The new version of cinematic White Helmets worship, also thoroughly deconstructed by Syria researchers like Vanessa Beeley, is once again jerking at heart strings and tears and preying on the gullibility of Western audiences. It is an attempt at damage control after the White Helmets brand was so thoroughly discredited.

But Oscar nominations aside, the White Helmets have been covered on numerous occasions by other media outlets. One such example of coverage from al-Jazeera English[1] contains some of the most blaringly obvious revelations heretofore unseen even by many of those who follow the work of the White Helmets terrorists in that the film itself shows the connections between the supposed humanitarian rescue group and al-Qaeda.

For instance, in one clip surprisingly not edited out of the film, one can see White Helmets “volunteers” operating in one of their stations in al-Sakhour, Syria, East Aleppo. However, as the camera shows several men huddled in the cold, praising their “brothers” on the front lines whom one can only assume are fighters, not rescue units, one can clearly see an al-Qaeda flag on the wall behind them.

al-Qaeda flag

I have personally been in this room. In 2017, I had a chance to travel to Syria to see the situation for myself. After the liberation of Aleppo, I was able to enter East Aleppo and travel to the Sakhour White Helmets center where I personally saw evidence that the White Helmets complex was exactly the same as the Nusra Front complex. Both buildings were located in the same compound. Indeed, I saw Western-purchased medical supplies and plenty of munitions left over from the “unarmed” White Helmets. The flag, which is clearly visible in the clip above, was still hanging on the wall of the Sakhour center when I arrived.

The al-Qaeda flag was not the only terrorist flag seen in the White Helmets complex. ISIS had their own flag pasted on the wall as well, which I was able to photograph and publish in my article, “I Visited East Aleppo – There Is No Doubt Nusra And White Helmets Are The Same Organization.” You can access this article to see some of the photographs as well as a video by Vanessa Beeley walking through the complex and giving a tour of the buildings.

So much for the non-partisan White Helmets. Indeed, so much for the non-terrorist White Helmets as well.

While this may come as a surprise to many Westerners who have been subjected to incessant pro-White Helmets and, in turn, pro-terrorist propaganda, researchers like Vanessa Beeley have repeatedly demonstrated that the White Helmets are nothing more than a Western-created propaganda wing for al-Nusra Front and the so-called “rebel” forces terrorizing Syria today.

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