Israeli Media: “Unprecedented” MBS’s Statements on ‘Israel’ Existence Resembles Balfour Declaration

 April 4, 2018


The Israeli media outlets considered that the statements made by the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman on the Zionist right to establish a national state in Palestine resembles Balfour’s Declaration, adding that after 100 years, Balfour’s Declaration was redrafted by an Arab official.

Haartez said that Saudi is ready to cooperate with the Zionist entity before signing a peace treaty, noting that the Saudi and Israeli officials have met to set the security coordination between the two sides.

The Zionist entity also welcomed MBS’s statements, and media circles called for inviting him to attend the celebrations which commemorate the 70th anniversary of establishing ‘Israel’.

Source: Al-Manar Website

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  1. “…after 100 years, Balfour’s Declaration was redrafted by an Arab official.”
    Is there a difference between the Sauds and the British who had the audacity to carve out the Middle East in the aftermath of WW2 as if they were born to own it? It is not the race, religion or the ethnic origin that makes you a Zionist… it is simply a mind-set… the Sauds have shared an imperial mindset, and much more, with the Zionists for a long time now… they have just decided to make it public… good for those who have been sitting on the fence vis-a-vis the role played by the House of Saud in the Palestine saga… maybe they will finally see who stands on the side of morality and principle and who sides with the Apartheid State.

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