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Pentagon Denounces Reports On US Forces Withdrawal From Syria, Says They Are Just "Rumors"

US President Donald Trump – source of the “rumors”

The Pentagon has described reports about a possible US forces withdrawal from Siyra as “rumors”.

I’ve heard rumors of people talking about withdrawal.  I know the president said “very soon,” because we have been very successful with defeating ISIS.  But it’s not over, and we are committed to ensuring the defeat of ISIS. We have always said that our mission in Syria is the defeat of ISIS.  That is nearly here, but it’s not done.  And the activities in northern Syria have distracted the SDF from this fight. But we continue to be focused on the defeat of ISIS, and ISIS remains a trans-regional threat, and the 71-nation coalition that’s fighting ISIS is committed to ensuring that we combat violent extremism wherever it is.” Pentagon spokesperson Dana White told reporters at a press briefing on April 5.

Meanwhile, reports are coming that the US is further expanding its military presence in northern Syria, especially in the area of Manbij where it is establishing two new military facilities.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump triggered a shitshtorm in the mainstream media (MSM) and among anonymous “officials” often quoted by the MSM in its articles by a series of statements clearly showing Trump’s will to withdraw forces from Syria. It’s clear that the US establishment does not support Trump’s decision. So, there are notable chances that Syria may become the second Afghanistan for US forces.

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