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As the situation over the alleged chemical attack in Douma is developing, Israeli officials have publicly encouraged US President Donald Trump to strike Syria.

The Jerusalem Post reports (source):

The United States must attack the regime of Bashar Assad in Syria in response to the regime chemical gas strike on the Syrian town Douma that killed more than 70 people, Strategic Affairs and Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan said Sunday.

Speaking on Army Radio, Erdan, who is Netanyahu’s number two in Likud, said he hoped US military action against the Assad regime would be taken again, as it was when the regime used chemical weapons against its people in the past.

“The shocking attack shows the incredible international hypocrisy of the international community focusing on Israel confronting the terrorist organization Hamas that is sending civilians to our [border] fence, when dozens are being killed in Syria every day,” Erdan said. “It shows the need for strengthening the presence of Americans and other international forces, because without them the genocide we are seeing will only intensify.”

Construction Minister Yoav Galant, a former IDF major-general who is the security figure closest to Netanyahu, also expressed hope that military action would be taken against the Syrian leader.

“Assad is the angel of death, and the world would be better without him,” Galant said.

The Jjerusalem Post quoted few other public figures supporting the idea of striking Syria in response to uncofirmed reports that Syrian government forces had allegedly attacked Douma with chemical gas.

A short reminder: Douma is fully encircled and militants inside have no chances to win the battle for the town against the Syrian Army. Furthermore, they already reached a surrender deal with the Syrian government. MORE HERE

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump blamed “President Putin, Russia and Iran” as well as “Animal Assad” for the alleged attack saying that a “big price” has to be paid.

It looks like despite the militants’ military defat they are still able to trigger some US military action against Syria using the old chemical weapons story once again.

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