BEIRUT, LEBANON (6:30 P.M.) – A U.S. warplane is reportedly flying close to the Russian airbases in the Latakia and Tartous provinces of Syria, a military air monitor (Twitter: @Aircraftspots) reported this afternoon.

According to the Twitter account of Aircraft Spots, a US Navy P-8A 168439 PS102 departed from Sigonella in the eastern Mediterranean towards the Syrian coastal provinces of Latakia and Tartous.

The aircraft monitor was able to track the route of the aircraft, showing that it was circling the Mediterranean between Syria and Cyprus.

Aircraft Spots@AircraftSpots
 US Navy P-8A 168439 PS102 departed Sigonella – Eastern Mediterranean mission: On task West of Latakia & Tartus, Syria
 This latest report comes just hours after the Russian A-50 jet began flying along the Syrian coast to track any potential U.S. air activity in the eastern Mediterranean.