Lebanon Welcomes 6 Hezbollah Fighters Liberated from Fua, Kefraya

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Lebanon welcomed on Friday 6 of Hezbollah resistance fighters who returned from the task of defending the oppressed people in Kefraya and Fua.

“The convoy of Hezbollah fighters arrived in Lebanon at around 4 pm.

“The resistance fighters arrived in Beirut’s southern suburbs where Wissam Doulani is from. The other five headed towards their villages in south Lebanon,” War Media Center said.

After leaving the two besieged towns, the six fighters had arrived at Sayyeda Zainab’s Holy Shrine south of Damascus, the statement added.

In Haret Saida, Aida Saleh stood alongside hundreds of locals awaiting the return of Ali Saleh Friday. Ali’s return was delayed, but he came back victorious and to his family. “If Sayyed [Hasan Nasrallah] called for my nephew … to go to Syria, Palestine or Yemen,” he was prepared, Aida said.

Saleh, who returned to his hometown Friday afternoon, was greeted by MP Mohammad Raad and a welcoming crowd. His daughter Zeinab was 13 months old when Ali left for Syria. She spent the last three years often in tears as her mother showed the girl her father, who she does not know. “I have returned, but I have brothers who fell as martyrs throughout these years and to them I pay tribute today,” Ali said from the podium, speaking to the crowd.

“Life and dignity cannot be achieved without blood. We were where we were, and where we were assigned to defend the oppressed, we were defending our people against those that behead people,” Ali said. He added: “Sayyed Hasan, we return and we wait for our orders again.”

For his part, Raad called those who besieged Ali and the people of Kefraya and Fua “stupid people.” He went to say that the aggressors did not know that “we were sons of the besieged with the Prophet Mohammad in Mecca.”

“Today Ali Saleh and his brothers, including a martyr who returned, were defending the oppressed and the Syrian people,” Raad said.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team

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