israel (apartheid state) bombs Gaza as hospitals run out of fuel

Israel Bombs Gaza as Hospitals Run Out of Fuel

Maureen Clare Murphy

A fireball explodes over Gaza City during Israeli bombing on 8 August.

Mahmoud Ajour APA images

Israel pummeled the occupied Gaza Strip in more than a dozen strikes Wednesday night amid warnings from a United Nations official that hospitals in Gaza were about to run out of emergency fuel.

Gaza’s health ministry stated that Inas Muhammad Khamash, a pregnant 23-year-old, was killed by bombing in central Gaza along with her daughter Bayan, one and a half years old. The woman’s husband, Muhammad Khamash, was moderately injured.

Gaza’s health ministry also announced the death of Ali al-Ghandour, 30, in northern Gaza. The circumstances of his death were not immediately clear.

The assault followed a series of escalations beginning with the killing of two Gaza fighters Tuesday morning.

The Ma’an News Agency named the two men as Ahmad Murjan and Abd al-Hafiz al-Silawi, members of the Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas.

In that incident, Israel claimed that it hit a Hamas facility in response to fire from Gaza.

Hamas denied Israel’s claims and it later transpired that soldiers mistook gunfire during an exercise at a Hamas naval commando base for a sniper attack.

“Israeli troops mistakenly thought the gunfire was aimed at them and responded with tank fire,” the Israeli daily Haaretz reported.

The shooting took place two kilometers away from where the soldiers, part of an engineering corps, were operating.

Palestinian groups fired dozens of rockets towards Israel – four of them hitting the southern Israeli town of Sderot – earlier in the evening on Wednesday after Israel attacked a “Hamas target” in northern Gaza.


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