The West Turns A Blind Eye To Actions of Saudi Arabia And The British Court, by Ruslan Ostashko

The Saker

August 09, 2018

Translated by Scott Humor and captioned by Leo


“Double standards,” practiced by the West towards Russia, once again came out thanks to the sentencing by the British court an eighteen-year-old resident of London, and an expulsion of the Canada’s Ambassador from Saudi Arabia. The “incorruptible” Western media did not brand these two states “totalitarian regimes.”

Do you recall squealing of the liberals in Russia and leading Western publications in defense of the convicted terrorist Oleg Sentsov? One of their arguments was the following: Ukrainian “patriot” was just preparing to commit a terrorist attack, his arrest prevented him, as a consequence there were no victims.

All right, let’s look at the BBC website and read what they say about the sentence the British court passed on the eighteen-year-old Safaa Buolar.

“Safaa Buolar, convicted in early June of plotting a terror attack on British soil has been jailed for life with a 13-year minimum term. She became the youngest woman convicted of terrorism in Britain.

18-year-old Safaa Buolar originally from the London district Vauxhall was in a jihadist group, calling itself “Islamic State” (recognized as a terrorist and banned in Britain, Russia and other countries).

How do you like it? Does this sound like Sentsov’s case? Also a terrorist and a brat, she also was “only” preparing a terror attack, and she also, like Sentsov, did not have time to commit it. The “most humane court” in the world sentenced her to life in jail. I hesitate to ask: where are all those screams of honored British actresses, petitions addressed to Theresa May and Elizabeth II, and all this?

What’s symptomatic is how the UK judge rebuffed in his sentencing statement the defense’s argument that the defendant realized her wrongdoings and regrets her actions.

“She acted with open eyes,” said the judge. “She was old enough to make her own decisions and her own choices,” he added, calling the girl “not stupid and able to very clearly argue her ideas.”

Buolar is still a danger to society, the judge decided.

Mind you, the girl tried to pretend that she no longer shares the radical ideas. The court refused to believe her. Sentsov doesn’t even pretend to feel remorse. He continues to flaunt his flavor of “patriotism” in favor of the terrorist Ukrainian state shelling Donbass. But, Safou Buolar didn’t find any support [of the “democrats”], while Sentsov is being defended by them until foam starts coming out of their mouths.

A second fresh example of the Western “double standards” is Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom arrested local civil rights activists. Make a note that they just fought for their civil rights and didn’t jump around a temple as the ever-memorable Pussy Riot [feminist group]. Canada’s Foreign Ministry has tried to express an outrage by issuing a statement saying:

“Canada is gravely concerned about additional arrests of civil society and women’s rights activists in Saudi Arabia, including Samar Badawi. We urge the Saudi authorities to immediately release them and all other peaceful human rights activists.”

What happened next? That’s right. Riyadh threw out the Ambassador of Canada. Has the State Department expressed its indignation? Did Madonna wear a t-shirt with portraits of arrested activists? Not at all. After all, Saudi Arabia is not Russia, but a valuable ally of the US, and the collective media chihuahuas didn’t get a command to start barking at the Saudis. They ignored the fact that Canada just got slapped in a face for attempting to intervene in the domestic affairs of the kingdom.

“The Canadian position is an overt and blatant interference in the internal affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is in contravention of the most basic international norms and all the charters governing relations between States.” The Saudi Press Agency quotes the statement of the Foreign Ministry.

Conclusion? We should act like Britain and Saudi Arabia. As for those who protect terrorists, immediately take their cases to be investigated by the security services as possible participants of terrorist organizations. In events of meddling into domestic affairs, expel diplomats and recall ambassadors for consultations. And suspend new trade and financial operations, as Riyadh has done.

Every hostile act against Russia should be punished. A stick is the only tool to point to a yapping bunch its place. And those expressing “deep concern”, it’s just a password for shaking the air.


Scott Humor,

the Director of Research and Development

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