The Hysteria in the Conservative Press Indicates That There Will Now be a Labour Government in Britain

Global Research, September 08, 2018


The question is when?

1. There is now apparently a majority in the country who are increasingly anxious for both the railway system and public utilities to be brought under state control and operation, with sensible pricing of services and reliable, dependable timetables for commuters.

2. The days of banking bonuses for those city hedge-fund managers who play with our money in order to enrich themselves, are numbered. And, as a result, there will be a surplus of multi-million pound, bijou residences on the market as the bond dealers sell-up and downsize from Hampstead and Canary Wharf.

3. But the real benefit will be to those millions of ordinary households up and down the country who have been paying through the nose to the foreign owners of our national water, electricity and gas supplies who have ripped off the British consumer ever since the Conservative privatisation of these essential services.

4. When a Labour government takes power, there will be genuine state aid for the disabled and a NHS that actually works – from the large London teaching hospitals down to the provincial medical centres and clinics around the country.

5. The tax system will be overhauled to ensure that everyone and every company pays a proportionate amount of tax commensurate with income. Tax avoidance schemes will be made illegal.

6. Compulsory building of affordable housing by all local authorities will be a mandatory duty as will be the care and maintenance of such property. There will never be another Grenfell Tower atrocity whereby a fire-safe building was deliberately clad in a fire- accelerant material that was known to be lethally toxic in case of fire, merely to maximise profit for the property owners.

7. Foreign aid will be cancelled to India and elsewhere where corruption is rife and the monies diverted to our own communities/ regions who require assistance.

8. Immigration will be properly supervised by the state and numbers restricted to those who have suitable skills and/or job offers. Our borders will be policed in order that criminal elements are denied entry whilst genuine refugees who are at risk in their own countries will be eligible for political asylum.

9. There will be a fairer society in which reward for failure will be just a memory from the Tory past. On the other hand, reward for success will be encouraged.

10. First of all we need a General Election to clear out Theresa May, Boris Johnson and the rest of the failures. Britain has work to do and a vibrant, energetic, reforming Labour government is now ready, willing and able to meet the challenge.


Hans Stehling (pen name) is an analyst based in the UK. He is a frequent contributor to Global Research.

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