We Can’t Forgive Israel for Downing the IL-20 and Killing Russians, by Ruslan Ostashko


September 20, 2018

Translated by Scott Humor and captioned by Leo.

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The reckless audacity of Israel’s behavior in the Middle East, sooner or later had to lead to tragic consequences. And they finally came: from the provocation of Israel’s Air Force, a Syrian missile hit our Il-20 recon aircraft, killing fifteen Russians.

Do you remember the story with Gilad Shalit? He was a corporal of the Israel Defense Forces who on 25 June 2006, was captured by Hamas. To save their own soldier, the IDF started a military operation called “Summer Rains.” After the operation and other efforts did not succeed, after 5 years and 4 months, Israel exchanged Shalit for 1,027 Palestinian prisoners.

So this is to the question of how the state of Israel values lives of its soldiers. Now let’s return to the current events and the words of the Minster of Defense Sergei Shoigu about the actions of Israel, that caused deaths of fifteen our military servicemen.

“The blame for the downing of the Russian plane and the deaths of its crew members lies completely on the Israeli side,” Minister Shoigu said.

“The command center of the Russian troops were only informed with 1 minute left before the airstrikes by the Israeli F-16s began,” he mentioned.

“The actions of the Israeli military were not in keeping with the spirit of the Russian-Israeli partnership, so we reserve the right to respond.” – Minister Shoigu emphasized.

A question arises, if Israel has repeatedly been warned about the danger of such actions, and we have air defense systems in Syria, then why the hell did they not open fire on those who are a threat to Russian aircraft?

No, I understand international relations, a special partnership, and so on, but what kind of partnership is this, in which one side does what it wants, and then puts the other under attack? Do we need such a partnership?

I think you read how the head of Russia reacted to the incident.

“Regarding the response, they will be primarily aimed at additional security for our servicemen and our facilities in the Syrian Arab Republic, which will be such steps that everyone will notice,” Putin said.

It is very sad that our country does not undertake “steps that are noticed by everyone” before any tragedy occurred, but after the fact. Yes, Turkey didn’t just pay with sanctions on its tomatoes for shooting down our fighter jet, Turkey experienced economic pain and decided to be our partner. But, Israel has already been in our corner. At least we used to think that Israel is in our corner. Netanyahu attended the Victory Day parade in Moscow. May 9th in Israel is considered a holiday, and so forth. And now what? Are we going to forgive Israel, who fights for the life of every IDF soldier, for the loss of our fifteen compatriots?

I consider that it would be a demonstration of a weakness. And the weak are attacked. I think that we should take down any of Israel’s military jet, that threatens us even with 1% of probability of the attack. After the first their fighter jet is shot down, we will be faced with their screaming and barking, but what will Tel Aviv do? Declare war on Moscow? It’s ridiculous.

Tel-Aviv either will be trying again and again, or may continue attacks until our next downed plane, or it will give up their attacks immediately. Meaning they won’t be able to set us up again. You cannot let down the lives of Russians to anyone, especially – to such cleverly “partners”. When our people die in terrorists’ attacks, we strike them non-stop until they are destroyed. Enough fidgeting with the Israelis. Otherwise, a similar thing will 100% happen again.

Every Israeli fighter jet approaching dangerously close to our aircraft and bases in this region must be destroyed. The Israelis themselves act exactly this way. And they should inherit that.

P.S. An interview with the distinguished military pilot of Russia, Vladimir Popov, explains how the Israeli F-16 had been hiding literally under the wing of the Russia aircraft.

The Usual Tricks! Israeli Pilots Baited Syrian Missile By Hiding Under Wing of Russian Aircraft

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