New York Times, AIPAC And Israel – Bedfellows From Hell

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Israel has many fans among the well-heeled financial elite. Some are Jewish, most are not. All are morally corrupted. The global media has a large role to play in how the world perceives the rogue Zionist state. Histories are being rewritten, stories smothered and narratives contrived, all in defence of the western colony in the Middle East.

One publication that stands out in its role as an apologist for the Israeli state is TheNew York Times. It has become a mouth-piece of Israeli policy routinely ignoring many aspects of the Palestine Crisis. Together with AIPAC, the paper works tirelessly to assist the promotion of a pro-Israeli agenda. But forewarned is forearmed. The following story should help to enlighten readers in the truth of how the mainstream media play a full role in prolonging the suffering of the people of Palestine.

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