Trump Rejects Halting Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia as ’Punishing Ourselves’

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  1. US military contractors are everywhere across the globe now, including in the provision of cyber-security systems in the UK. The library service there is regulated by Raytheon who, through Forcepoint, determine what users of public computers can access. FYI, your blog cannot be accessed and has been blocked. You must, therefore, be doing something right!

  2. This like many other things Mr Trump does seems very unwise , but only to those of us troubled by matters of conscience. We have the Saudis killing large numbers of civilians in the Yemen using American weapons. Mr Trump argues this is good because 1. American jobs are used to make the weapons.
    2. Americans make money out of the arms sales. Civilians (the victims) who are not American hardly count.
    3. Then we have the Saudis funding Al Qaeda and supplying them with weapons from the US. They are quite sophisticated and the majority of the Twin Towers bombers were Saudis (which President G.W. Bush appears to have thought were probably Iraqi – just a small error!!)
    4. Because most of the Saudis are Sunni they stir up the Iranians who are mainly Shia – and the Kurds who are the rebels being funded by the US in Syria. The refugees caught in the crossfire to the Trump followers are not a problem because they are no longer able to enter the US.
    5.Mr Trump thinks this is great because the Saudis help fund his hotels and golf resorts and helps guarantee the Saudis will sell their oil to the US.
    6. Mr Trump has the real advantage of not being troubled by morality (eg the Saudi disregard for human rights eg torturing and murdering those who question the actions of the Saudi government or Royal family.

    So ultimately if I have heard the man correctly, if the US can make a buck, America can be great. Morality to the Trump brigade means making money and having jobs for Americans. What a shame Mr Trump was born to late to have made a serious buck or two from supporting the rise of fascism in World War 2.

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