Palestinians Increasingly Marginalized And Abandoned As Zionist Noose Tightens

Rebel Voice

Rebel Voice has presented many articles on the Palestine Crisis. The suffering of the people there at the bloodied hands of the Israeli state is the stuff of nightmares. Yet it continues unabated.

Since the arrival of the arch-fascist, Trump, the Israeli regime has become further emboldened, and gods knows they were bad enough beforehand. Conditions in what remains of Palestine are deteriorating at an increased pace. The Israeli policies of Apartheidand ethnic cleansing are designed to bully the indigenous people into leaving the home of their ancestors so that foreigners from Brooklyn and London can squaton the vacated land. It is a crime against humanity and a war crime and recognized as such by the international community, yet the governments do nothing.

The following article provides an overview of all the Palestinians are being forced to face in their daily struggle to survive, as Israel is…

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