israeli (apartheid state) Blockade of Gaza. The Only Solution is the Establishment of an Independent Palestinian State

Israeli Blockade of Gaza.The Only Solution is the Establishment of an Independent Palestinian State

By Hans Stehling,

Antisemitism needs an excuse and Netanyahu sadly provides it every day on the Israeli- Gaza border.  His heavily armed snipers have gratuitously killed over 200 unarmed Palestinians at the March of Return protest and injured over 10,000 at the border since 30 March 2018 in a sickening exhibition of state sponsored violence that has brought death and disability to those actively, and largely legitimately, demonstrating for return of their land and property.

You cannot deprive 2m of their human rights, enshrined in international law, without consequences. Israel is not an island in the sky and the dispossessed Palestinian people are very real and so is their suffering. Hate needs fuel to grow and it is currently fed by propaganda and political inertia on an international scale.

The blockade of essential goods and services for nearly two million civilians in Gaza has not only been allowed by the international community but actually sustained and armed by America, with some support from Britain, in a failed attempt at regime change.  For over eleven years, Gaza has been denied essential utility services including power, water and electricity in an illegal attempt to gain political advantage by deliberately keeping the entire population at just above starvation level.

This has been happening in the 21st century in broad daylight for over a decade as lobby-influenced governments have turned a blind eye. That there are inevitable repercussions around the world seems to have come as a shocking surprise to many.

For as long as this atrocity against a civilian people in Gaza is allowed to continue, there will inevitably be consequences as perception of the injustice perpetrated by an indoctrinated minority manifests itself in extreme violence often by those who are psychologically unstable or social misfits, and ‘useful idiots’ for political propagandists.

The only solution is for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state and an end to the infamous blockade of Gaza.  Only then will we be able to sleep at night in the knowledge that 5m Palestinians have finally been accorded justice and a return of the land they populated for over 1200 years. And that innocent men, women and children will once again be given respect and freedom to live and work without persecution.  Those qualities that the rest of us enjoy without question.

There will always unfortunately be a degree of latent antisemitism just as there will always be racial attitudes and colour prejudice but officially endorsed violence, both military and otherwise, by maverick power-hungry politicians or weak governments, must be identified and stamped upon if civil unrest on an international scale is to be avoided in the years ahead.


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Hans Stehling (pen name) is a political analyst based in the UK. He is a frequent contributor to Global Research.

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