Why’d the US Issue a Sanctions Waiver for Chabahar?

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Many observers are wondering why the US issued a sanctions waiver for the Indian-built port of Chabahar in southeastern Iran and the railroad project that’s supposed to one day extend from it to Afghanistan, but the reason is that America sees this curious “Lead From Behind” arrangement as one of its last chances to retain its long-term influence in the landlocked country.

For as tough as the US promised that its reimposition of sanctions on Iran would be, it unsurprisingly went soft when it came to the issue of the Indian-built port of Chabahar in the southeastern part of the Islamic Republic. The State Department confirmed earlier this week that the US granted a sanctions waiver for this project, which simultaneously drew attention not only to the project’s significance, but also the special nature of the American-Indian Strategic Partnership if Washington thought it important enough to preserve at the expense…

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  1. Well for one thing… this is just another example of global occurrences that help observers realize birds of a feather flock together… India was and is the guardian of Western Imperialism in the Af-Pak region since the Partition of India… and if anyone has had qualms about it, they should wake up to admit Hindu Imperialism and Western Imperialism have common goals, shared objectives, and an identical mind-set… and if one understands the spirit of Zionism one will also be able to see there is a striking similarity among the three.

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