Time to Get US Forces Out of Europe Before They Can Start WW3.

Time to Get US Forces Out of Europe Before They Can Start WW3


They’ve been over here for 70 years, but the ‘opaque’ presence of our US allies worries many critics.

[Editors note: I’ll let our US readers in on a little secret – over here in Britain, we really don’t like you and what’s more, we never really have. It’s a most understandable dislike because Yanks that come here have had a nasty habit of the sort of arrogance and disdain for the natives that does not sit well at all with the British. This is something that goes back to WW2, when we were invaded by hordes of Yanks who had too much money, too much arrogance and too few manners, your average Yank simply could not resist complaining about how everything was bigger and better back home and how dismal Britain was. Then there was the rampant racism, the US Army still being a segregated force at that time.

Black US servicemen found that they were far more welcome than their white counterparts as they behaved far better and didn’t emulate the over the top arrogance of their white colleagues. Infact, legion are the tales of groups of white US servicemen getting the holy living snot beaten out of them by British servicemen because the Brits took exception to their blatant racism. It usually went like this: a bunch of white GIs would find their way into a British pub and discover there were already several black GIs there, enjoying the local hospitality. All it then took was one white GI to mutter something about ‘shouldn’t have to drink with niggers’ and it was time for the violence to ensue.

By 1945, Britain had been playing host to these unwanted annoying Yanks for almost three years and we couldn’t wait for them to leave, sadly, they never did, or rather, large numbers remained, US bases were kept open and Britain became a key part of the new US military policy of placing substantial forces in Europe, especially aircraft, including nuclear bombers. Then the US went and stabbed Britain in the back by abruptly terminating the Lend-Lease Agreement and forcing us to sign up for crippling loans that took until 2006 to pay off.

With allies like the US, who needs enemies? The US knew Britain was bankrupt and utterly worn out after fighting so long and so hard, but they still stabbed us in the back, doing all they could to devalue the British currency and cripple Britain’s hopes of post-war rebuilding with the result that it took decades for Britain to recover from the post-war US treachery.

Although Britain has, in the wake of the Cold War, managed to get the US to remove it’s nukes from Britain, we are still host to many US bases and tens of thousands of personnel. The US early warning system is reliant on RAF Menwith Hill and the US needs British airbases for operations in Europe. All of which sits very uneasily with the British people – we want the yanks gone, and gone for good, the ‘special relationship’ never existed outside of the soundbites of politicos and we still don’t like Yanks much at all.

So how do you think Britons feel when we see on TV this bloated orange monstrosity of a man pretending to be US president and doing all he can to destabilise the world and push us ever closer to WW3? I can tell you how we feel – an intense loathing and extreme distaste, we see right through Trump and simply cannot fathom why so may in the US fail to do so too. I guess that stereotype of most Yanks being hopelessly dumb holds a fair bit of water.

Very few in Britain think that remaining in an alliance with the US Evil Empire is desirable, we still collectively remember what it is like to be bombed and to lose large numbers of our young men in futile wars, something the US has yet to experience in anything approaching the same magnitude – perhaps the US needs to see it’s cities burning and it’s young boys thrown into pits, too many to bury properly; to experience the same destruction and warfare that Europe has, then you might wake up and finally do something to get rid of Trump before he starts WW3.

We Europeans will not be holding our breath however….


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