What Israel’s Humiliation at The Hands of Gaza Reveals

By Robert Inlakesh

The Israeli government and its military, have sustained a significant blow, at the hands of Palestinian resistance. But what has the last three days shown us about Israel?


Israel has suffered an embarrassing defeat, at the hands of Palestinian resistance, in Gaza. The historical embarrassment has led to the resignation of Israel’s defence minister, Avigdor Lieberman, mass demonstrations calling for war in Israel and the Israeli government left scratching its head, pondering upon what it should do next.

What happened that embarrassed Israel so much?

  1. Israel failed a special forces operation, in Gaza, ultimately resulting in the death of an Israeli commander, the death of a Hamas commander and the fight that would ensue in the following hours and days. Israel sought to kidnap a Hamas Al-Qassam brigades commander, Nur Barakah, perhaps wanting to achieve a “prisoner swap” type deal, exchanging him for the bodies of Israelis killed in combat, currently held by Hamas. Israel failed badly and the Israeli press shed light on their failure.

  2. Retaliation rockets fired from Gaza, scared Israelis and forced at least 150 families to flee their homes. The rocket fire from Gaza seemed to inflict greater damage, than in previous attacks.

  3. Hamas used an anti-tank missile, in order to destroy and Israeli bus. Hamas waited for Israel to claim that the bus was full of civilians, before releasing a video that revealed the bus was filled with military personnel. Hamas waited and fired the anti-tank missile, following the departure of all but one soldier, from the bus. This was used, to threaten Israel. The Secretary General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, claimed that Hezbollah had smuggled the anti-tank missiles into Gaza.

  4. Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), leaked a video to ‘Al-Mayadeen TV’, revealing an operation from back in February. The video showed several soldiers being killed, by an explosive laced flag pole. The operation was covered up by an embarrassed Israeli military.

  5. The Israeli public has been demonstrating, calling on their government to go to war with Gaza. The Israeli public and media, are all doubting and distrusting their government.

  6. Avigdor Lieberman resigned as Israel’s ‘Defence Minister’, following the ceasefire with Gaza. This demonstrated the power, that Palestinian resistance can have over Israeli politics.

What have we learned about Israel from the latest escalation with Gaza?

  1. Israel has demonstrated its vulnerability. The fact that Palestinian resistance factions, could so easily, shake up the entire political system in Israel, is a testament to the fact that Israel is not a stable country and is easily shake.

  2. Israel has demonstrated that their population is a warmongering one. Israel has been on fire for the past three days, with mass demonstrations erupting throughout the country, calling upon the government to wage war. The fact that the prospect of Israel not going to war and crushing Gaza, enrages the population, speaks volumes of the society itself. One has only, to venture onto any internet platform, in order to see outraged Israelis calling upon their government to crush and destroy Gaza.

  3. Israel’s society does not understand their military capabilities. The only thing Israel can possibly do in Gaza is kill a great proportion of its civilian population. Israel does not possess the capability of striking any significant blow upon Hamas, without sustaining tremendous combatant casualties itself. Israel’s population will not stand for combatant deaths, yet want to destroy Hamas militarily, which is not in line with reality.

  4. Israel no longer possesses its “deterrence capacity”. The lie, that Israel has the ability to crush all of its inferior Arab neighbours with its military might, is being revealed to be completely untrue. From Syria, to Lebanon and now Gaza, Israel is no longer the military might it once believed itself to be.

So what will happen now?

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is now backed into a corner. He, unlike others in his government, understands the outcome of a war upon Gaza. Due to what has transpired in the past few days, however Netanyahu now has one option, which could possibly win back his support base.

If Netanyahu doesn’t go to war, he is finished as a politician in Israel. If Netanyahu decides to go to war, he could either triumph and hold on to power, or completely fail and lead his country closer to self destruction.

For Benjamin Netanyahu, this is the moment which will reveal everything about what he truly is.

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  1. The United Nation(Useless) and the Arabic country must scream, cry and demand Israel stop the thief of land. If not. Poor Palestine can be erased. Three places in our world. Being destroyed. Few show interest. Why?

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